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Extraordinary Mumbai Taxi Interiors That Will Blow Your Mind


If you’re keeping your thumb on the pulse, you’ve probably already heard of this amazing art project called “Taxi Fabric”. If you have – just scroll down to see the pictures, if not, prepare to feel proud for India!
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Taxi Fabric is an incredibly successful Kickstarter project, that turned dreams of quite a few people into a reality. Being one of the most convenient means of transportation, taxi cabs have become a huge social and cultural part of daily life in Mumbai. Naturally, the cab drivers did what they could to make sure their cars were very clean and neat inside, and their service was memorable, but the aesthetic aspect of those cars has been neglected. Until one day the “Taxi Fabric” project went live.
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Cabs with all these incredible colorful masterpieces are already cruising out there in Mumbai, and, if you’re lucky, you’ll be able to ride in one of them! These compositions, printed onto fabric that lines the entire car interior, were created by a group of genius Indian designers, who were eager to show off their talent and storytelling skills, and funded through kickstater, as stated before. In this day and age, it feels like crowdfunding your ideas is the only way to make your dreams come true.
extraordinary-mumbai-taxis-that -will-blow-your-mind-12extraordinary-mumbai-taxis-that -will-blow-your-mind-13extraordinary-mumbai-taxis-that -will-blow-your-mind-14extraordinary-mumbai-taxis-that -will-blow-your-mind-15extraordinary-mumbai-taxis-that -will-blow-your-mind-16

So far they’ve created “fabric stories” in four different categories: Mumbai, Delhi, Social Good, and Brand Collaboration. You can go see all of these compositions and their backstory on the official Taxi Fabric site, if you want to.
extraordinary-mumbai-taxis-that -will-blow-your-mind-17extraordinary-mumbai-taxis-that -will-blow-your-mind-18extraordinary-mumbai-taxis-that -will-blow-your-mind-19extraordinary-mumbai-taxis-that -will-blow-your-mind-20extraordinary-mumbai-taxis-that -will-blow-your-mind-21

And, of course, if you’re ever in Mumbai, don’t hesitate to hop into one of these taxis and try to learn more about the story it depicts! I’m sure your cab driver will gladly elaborate on that, even without a good tip.
extraordinary-mumbai-taxis-that -will-blow-your-mind-27extraordinary-mumbai-taxis-that -will-blow-your-mind-28

And for the dessert, here’s a little sneak peak behind the scenes. It’s so fascinating to see how the creators turn plain old fabric sheets into real works of art.
extraordinary-mumbai-taxis-that -will-blow-your-mind-22extraordinary-mumbai-taxis-that -will-blow-your-mind-23extraordinary-mumbai-taxis-that -will-blow-your-mind-24extraordinary-mumbai-taxis-that -will-blow-your-mind-25extraordinary-mumbai-taxis-that -will-blow-your-mind-26