12 Celebrities with Strange Habits


1. Victoria Beckham

1. Victoria Beckham

She maintains her silky-smooth skin by rubbing the moisturizer all over her hands and feet and then covers them with socks. Yeah, socks. Let’s just get something out of the way: we are all human beings and no matter how much you love another person for being awesome on stage, in a movie or maybe he/she is your significant other – we all do weird stuff for virtually no reason. Some people like to pick their nose, others add baby food to guacamole, you know, something completely normal in their own eyes, but it may seem wacky and even disgusting to others.

2. Teri Hatcher
2. Teri Hatcher
The secret of Teri’s age-defying beauty? Red wine baths. Simple as that, people. Open a few barrels of that sweet Italian Merlot and wash the wrinkles away.

3. Eminem
3. Eminem
I imagine the real Slim Shady really likes to sing along to Simon and Garfunkel’s “The Sound of Silence”, as he drapes his hotel windows at night. Apparently, complete darkness also helps him sleep better.


4. Cameron Diaz
4. Cameron Diaz
Would you believe that every day of her life Cameron is fighting an uneven battle with an OCD? She feels the need to open every door with her elbows! How weird is that?

5. Simon Cowell

5. Simon Cowell

Every day Simon does the same set of things, like a ritual, and one of those things is climbing a tree. I kid you not, every bloody day. Well, maybe except for when it rains.

7. Demi Moore
6. Demi Moore
Remember those red wine baths from before? Demi trumps that by placing actual leeches to suck out the toxins from her blood stream. I understand this method is widely used in alternative medicine but it’s pretty gross anyway.

9. Katy Perry
7. Katy Perry
Speaking of cavities, Katy is so freaked out about them that she has 20 toothbrushes on her at all times, so she can brush at least 6 times a day after each meal. But what about the other 14?


10. Jane Lynch
8. Jane Lynch
It’s not alcoholism if you drink cold medicine until you fall asleep, right? … Right? Guys?

11. Jennifer Aniston
9. Jennifer Aniston
Turns out “Rachel” overcomes her fear of flying by making the first step with her right foot and gently caressing the side of the plane when she boards. This is actually weird because she recently became the face of the Emirates airlines’ new ad campaign? Some people just want to watch the world burn.

12. Christian Bale
10. Christian Bale
Your granny always told you “don’t walk under the ladders, don’t cross a black cat, don’t break mirrors”! Well, Christian Bale doesn’t give a rat’s ass about bad luck superstitions and he defies them whenever he can. Because he’s Batman!

13. Angelina Jolie
11. Angelina Jolie
Believe it or not, Angie likes to munch bugs! Nobody’s perfect, I’m afraid, unless eating bugs is your fetish, in which case ewww!


14. David Beckham
12. David Beckham
Just like his wife, David ain’t perfect either. He has this slightly pedantic, “neat freak” attitude where everything needs to be in a straight line or in pairs. I wonder how he feels when there’s only one can of Pepsi left in the fridge?