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10 Most Gorgeous 90’s Crushes


Carmen Electra

One word – “Baywatch”. 99% of the cast, male and female, were hot as all hell and Carmen Electra was no exception. Today she’s a bit over 40, and she’s just as good looking. There might be some magic involved here, because she barely looks like she’s aged a day in the last 20-something years.

Christina Applegate
Better known to your dads as Kelly Bundy from the hilarious yet sexist, racist, and all sorts of other ‘ists’, by today’s touchy-feely TV standards, sitcom “Married with Children”, Christina Applegate was the bomb of the 80’s-90’s. That’s right, not “a bomb”, the bomb. Her character was dumbed down to infinity for the obvious comedic purposes, but Christina herself is pretty knowledgeable about things and stuff. Decades later after her debut, she started taking big roles in movies like “Anchorman”, and she looks just as sexy, as her past self. She’s even fought the dreadful breast cancer and is still going strong.

Claudia Schiffer
One of the actresses, whom every 90’s teenager knew and worshipped as a goddess was Claudia Schiffer – the ultimate babe. 83.7% of the 90’s boners were actually caused by seeing her uncanny supermodel body on TV or in a magazine, and you can’t prove me wrong. Over the years she’s earned over $50 million dollars, making her one of the most successful models ever.

Michelle Pfeiffer
The original Catwoman. Michelle was definitely one of the most fabulous female actresses of the 90’s. One simply does not shoot a Batman movie without a Catwoman all dressed up in tight black leather.

Pamela Anderson
Pamela Anderson was, and still is, one of the best proofs that sex does sell. Be it a scantily clad “Baywatch” chick, or the main protagonist in “Striperella”, Pam did everything she could to “sell” those properties to the viewers. Then, of course there’s the “first ever celebrity sex-tape” scandal and, her Playboy photoshoots and a myriad of sultry roles not really worth mentioning. She rolled with what God has given her, then she added some more to make sure it’ll work, and voila!

Heather Locklear
Melrose Place was one of those “either you hate it or you love it to bits” kind of TV shows with Heather Locklear starring as Amanda Woodward. And a few years ago she got a lot of media hate for being “out of control” on drugs and alcohol.

Lucy Lawless
More like Lucy Flawless, am I right? Eh? *clears throat* Okay fine, Lucy Lawless aka Xena, aka D’Anna Biers in “BSG”, has recently starred in the “Spartacus” and, wait for it… “Ash vs Evil Dead” with Bruce mother-loving Campbell, her co-star from “Xena” and “Hercules” TV series. Now stop reading and go watch “Ash vs Evil Dead”, it is beyond awesome!

Cindy Crawford
Yet another supermodel on my list – Cindy Crawford. She was #3 on VH1’s “40 Hottest Hotties of the 90’s” list, and made it into Men’s Health “100 Hottest Women of All-Time”. Compared to Miley Cyrus, who got to #1 on the “Maxim’s Hot 100”, Cindy was actually beautiful and didn’t have to show her lady bits to her fans in order to get more popular.

Jennifer Aniston
Who doesn’t love Rachel? Did you know that her hairstyle was actually known as “The Rachel” in almost every hair salon in America? Not to mention that she rarely wore bras on a particularly chilly set, if you know what I mean… nipples, we saw her hard nipples, okay?

Sarah Michelle Gellar
Oh, Buffy, you sexy vampire slayer, you. You gave us one of the best female-driven TV shows and then Twilight came and took a dump on bloodsuckers everywhere. She’s had many emotional and action roles since then, but to me she’ll always be The Chosen One, the girl with a stick, the “vampire layer” (and you know that’s not a typo).