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10 Amazing Fountains From Around the World


People have been making fountains for hundreds of years now. Romans were among the first who used fountains of water as a symbol of wealth and as a focal point of exterior decoration. Nowadays we have the means to create the most unusual designs using innovative technologies, different colors and spectacular shapes. Some of the modern fountains look crazy with conceptual elements in design; others are simply huge and beautiful, reminiscent of nature’s majestic geysers and waterfalls. Here’s a list of fountains from all over the world that will take your breath away.

71 Fountain, USA

This spectacular fountain resembles a giant ring that sits on its side. Inside there are dozens of small nozzles on the inner surface of the ‘ring’ all shooting water into one spot at the center of the construction. The 71 Fountain looks like an enormous wheel in a green natural setting. Head to 71 Highway in Ohio to see this masterpiece with your own eyes.

Tap Fountain, Spain

Concept fountains are the best, they just don’t cease to amaze us! There are more than a few tap fountains all over the world, but this is among the most impressive ones. Located in Menorca, Spain, this tap fountain looks like it’s just hanging in the air without any support whatsoever. The trick is genius in its simplicity – all the supports are hidden by the stream of water flowing out of the fountain. And it looks amazing!

Swarovski Fountain, Austria

Head to the town of Watten, Austria to enjoy this incredible spectacle. The Swarovski Fountain is located at the Crystal World theme park that was built by the Swarovski Company, hence the name of the fountain. It is made in the shape of a giant head that seems to be a part of the hill. The head is covered in grass and moss, which makes it look even more mysterious. The water is pouring out of the giant’s mouth right into the basin underneath.

Pineapple Fountain Charleston SC

It’s really hard to ignore the fountain’s unusual pineapple-like shape. This, among other things, is what draws hundreds of tourists and photographers to the Charleston Waterfront Park. The fountain’s convenient location and unusual looks have made it one of the most photographed sights in the city. The pineapple shape is meant to symbolize hospitality and warm-heartedness. Whether it is true or not, the fountain does look spectacular.

Friendship of the Peoples Fountain, Moscow, Russia

Built during the Soviet Era, this huge fountain represents all the cultures and nationalities of the former USSR. Architects K.G. Topuradze and G.D. Konstantinovskiy designed it to have 16 gilded statues of gorgeous maidens wearing national costumes of different Soviet Union Republics. In the heart of the fountain there are 8 powerful pumps that can shoot water from more than 800 jets. This construction is simply breathtaking!

Bellagio Fountains, USA

Fountains are usually not what comes to mind when you hear the words ‘Las Vegas’, but the city is famous for its spectacular attractions, so no wonder that one of the world’s most fascinating fountains is located here. Bellagio Fountains attract thousands of both tourists and locals who gather to watch the amazing light and dance show at the Bellagio Hotel. The fountain has 1200 nozzles that shoot water as high as 460 meters.

Fountain of Wealth, Suntec

The Guinness Book of Records acknowledged this fountain to be the biggest in the world back in 1998. It’s located at the famous Suntec City Mall in Singapore. Built in 1995, the fountain represents longevity, good fortune and all kinds of riches. Sometimes the fountain gets closed so the visitors can gather some coins from the water for good luck. It is also a popular venue for spectacular laser shows and music concerts.

Moonlight Rainbow Fountain, Seoul

Can you imagine a fountain that’s 4724 feet long? Built in 2009, the Moonlight Rainbow Fountain is among the longest bridge fountains in the world. It has special LED nozzles installed that can shoot up to 190 tons of water. The fountain is also a symbol of eco-friendliness as the water from the fountain gets back right into the river it came from.

King Fahd’s Fountain, Saudi Arabia

Head to the coast of the Red Sea, to the city of Jeddah to witness the tallest fountain on Earth. King Fahd presented this fountain to the city, so it was only natural to name it in his honor. Built using cutting-edge technologies, the fountain is able to shoot water as high as 1,024 feet. The design of the fountain is 100% eco-friendly as the water is taken straight from the Red Sea.

Magic Fountain of Montjuic, Spain

Enjoy the spectacular display of color, light and movement as you visit one of the most beautiful fountains in Europe. Located in Barcelona, Spain, the Magic Fountain of Montjuic can be found between the National Palau and Placa d’Espanya. Carles Buigas designed this masterpiece in 1929 and hired 3000 workers to complete the fountain in less than a year.