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What the First Google Image Says About the World’s Top Travel Destinations


A picture is worth 1000 words, so a pretty good tip for travelers is to search Google for images of the city they’re traveling to and see what the first image that comes up says about their destination. Listed below are the world’s top 15 travel destinations according to Forbes, TravelGuide, and me.



1. Paris, France
The first picture that shows up is of the Louvre. What does that say? It says Paris is a classy city that takes its culture seriously, making it a priority in people’s day-to-day lives.



2. Rome, Italy
Rome is a city with an extremely rich history. This includes great things like art, culture, great food, and astounding architecture, but also war, gladiators, and downfall. All this is encapsulated in one astounding image of the Colosseum.



3. Tokyo, Japan
A city that never sleeps. Tokyo is a city that is always brightly lit, full of busy people, and never boring.

4. New York, USA
Another city that never sleeps, but also the home of Friends, Central Park, skyscrapers, and beautiful city skylines.



5. San Francisco, USA
A cloudy but absolutely hypnotizing city on the U.S. West Coast. It’s crown jewel, The Golden Gate Bridge is a symbol that’s as easily recognizable as the Statue of Liberty in New York. It’s the world’s largest hub of software developers, fun-loving party-goers, and hipsters.

6. LA, USA
The Hollywood sign – a symbol that encompasses fame, fortune, entertainment, and a constantly happy mood. I feel it’s the perfect description of LA, where the only thing you’ll see more often than celebrities is people smiling and drinking kale smoothies.



7. Barcelona, Spain
Park Güell, designed and created by Antoni Gaudí is a great portrayal of what Barcelona feels like for tourists and locals. It’s vibrant, fun, sunny, and truly is a mosaic of colors, emotions, and smiles.



8. Madrid, Spain
Madrid is a modern European capital full of beautiful people, gorgeous architecture, and truly mi-raculous churches.

9. London, England
London is a city that seems to combine everything. A 10-minute bus ride is similar to time travel, with old Churches and Big Ben slowly getting substituted by ultra-modern skyscrapers, business centers, and the all-seeing London Eye.



10. Venice, Italy
Home of far too many Shakespeare plays, Venice is a quietly charming city full of canals, Gon-dola’s, and fun-loving Italians.

11. Amsterdam, The Netherlands
What does this picture really tell us? Late-night entertainment? Check. Bikes and canals? Check. Red Light District? Check! Every bit of Amsterdam lives up to the expectations you might have.



12. Disneyland, Heaven
Disneyland is heaven for anyone who loves fun. Hundreds of people taking pictures with Mickey Mouse ears; endless rides on numerous rollercoasters; corndogs, giant pickles, and caramelized apples – Disneyland is guaranteed to be a dream come true for your inner child.



13. Beijing, China
Okay, so the rules of this article dictate that I take the first Google Image result, but I feel like this picture doesn’t do the city any justice. Yes it’s big. Yes it’s crowded. Yes there’s far too many cars. But oh my God is it thrilling to be there! Can you imagine the stories behind each person living in Beijing? The rich culture and history of China is the real attraction here, and the cars are just a distraction for the pessimists.

14. Seoul, South Korea
Much like Tokyo in Japan, Seoul is the cultural and historical hub of South Korea. It combines South Korea’s strict business vibe with its absolutely and incredibly fun K-Pop mood!



15. Tbilisi, Georgia
A beautiful city with a rich history, Tbilisi is surrounded by mountains, the air is fresh, and the food is to die for. Tbilisi manages to be both thrilling and entirely relaxing at the same time.