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Top 18 Most Visited Cities In The World


Don’t we all love to travel? About once or twice every year, people get this general idea that literally anywhere else would be the best place in the world. And then we dig deep into our savings and buy a piece of paper that says you’re allowed to go to somewhere else. Such freedom!
But which cities get visited the most? It’s not that easy a question to answer as you’d think! Just kidding, it totally is. You count the number of tourists that visit each city in a year and then rank em ‘up. That’s the scientific method version 2.0.
Anyway, I’ll stop boring you and we’ll get right to the good stuff: the 18 (because 15 and 20 are so cliché) most visited cities in the world! And just to continue our rebellious streak, I’ll put them in descending order, so you won’t even have to scroll all the way down to see which is the most visited! Not all heroes wear capes, but I occasionally do. I also occasionally rub myself in honey, but that story is for another article.

1. Hong Kong
25,587,300 arrivals

2. Singapore
22,455,400 arrivals

3. Bangkok
17,467,800 arrivals

4. London
16,784,100 arrivals

5. Paris, France
15,200,000 arrivals

6. Macau
14,268,500 arrivals

7. New York City
11,850,400 arrivals

8. Shenzhen
11,702,500 arrivals

9. Kuala Lumpur
11,182,400 arrivals

10. Antalya
11,120,700 arrivals

11. Istanbul
10,486,300 arrivals

12. Dubai
10,458,300 arrivals

13. Seoul
8,619,000 arrivals

14. Rome, Italy
8,608,300 arrivals

15. Phuket Province
8,035,000 arrivals

16. Guangzhou
7,630,100 arrivals

17. Mecca
7,512,100 arrivals

18. Pattaya
6,986,200 arrivals