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Luxury Airbnb Tree Houses You Can Stay In Once The Lockdown Ends


Traveling will probably be somewhat weirder this year due to the Covid-19 lockdowns all over the globe. We’re barely allowed to go outside, so who would seriously contemplate going to a touristic hotspot in a few months? We’ll probably be allowed to, but that doesn’t mean we should.

If you’re looking for a more solitary traveling experience, there’s always a remote airbnb. And there’s nothing more remote than a tree house. Let’s take a look at some tree houses where you can isolate yourself from the rest of mankind until it’s relatively safe to visit beaches again.

Treehotel, Sweden

This isn’t exactly a single hotel, but an entire range of treetop suites. The most popular one is probably the one shaped like some sort of UFO. The added bonus of these tree houses is that they allow you to watch the Northern Lights, which is always a high point in any trip!

Trinity Beach Tree House, Queensland, Australia

Queensland is one of the most gorgeous parts of Australia, so it only makes sense that they’d capitalise on this by building a rentable tree house. In this case, it would qualify more as a pole home but no one would argue the semantics if they see the luxury inside this huge tree house. It has three bedrooms, a pool, floor-to-ceiling windows, … This is the ultimate luxury tree house!

Dreamy Tropical Tree House, Hawaii

This tree house sitting nicely above the tree tops in Hawaii gives you an amazing 360-degree view of the surrounding area. It’s the ultimate connection to Mother Nature in one of the most beautiful areas in the world.

Atlanta Alpaca Treehouse in the Bamboo Forest, Georgia

People probably didn’t even know there was a bamboo forest in Georgia, but it’s very real and it even has one of the coolest tree house airbnbs in the world. One of the big bonuses is that alpacas roam the area. Alpacas are always a plus, aren’t they?

Summit Prairie Lookout, Oregon

Possibly one of the highest rentable tree houses in the world, this one sits at a massive 40 feet above the ground. It’s probably not a nice experience if you don’t like heights. It can only be rented between April and November, which means you can’t use it to get a nice view of the plains in winter.

The Fox House, Nashville, Tennessee

Seems like America is doing pretty well when it comes to these treetop airbnb hotels. The Fox House is mostly known for its unique shape and angles. It’s not the most luxurious tree house in this list, but it does compensate for its lack of luxury with plenty of charm and that classic rustic feel.

Tree House at Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii

If you want to have a tree house that’s just a short walk away from the Kilauea Volcano, this is the one for you. No one will judge you for staying in a wooden house that’s only a few minutes away from an active volcano, I swear. As if that wasn’t thrilling enough for your inner arsonist, the tree house also has a fireplace and a hot tub. The general theme here seems to be “hot things”.

Rainforest Tree House with Hot Springs, Costa Rica

I’m not sure if I still need to sell this to you because by now you’ve probably figured out that we’re talking about a tree house in Costa Rica that’s near some hot springs. If this does nothing for you, I’m not sure if any of the other features of this tree house could convince you otherwise.