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First November Snow In Tokyo Since 1962, And It Looks Fabulous!


This is one of those “meh” factoids that don’t seem to sound too interesting, yet when you think about it – it’s pretty freaking ridiculous. While snow in November might be a usual occurrence in your part of the world, not all countries have the luxury of making a snowman, or a snow angel before January, or in some cases, even February. This year, however, Tokyo has finally broken its dry spell, and for the first time in 54 years, it turned into the winter wonderland a tiny bit earlier than usually.

People on the streets of the Japanese capital were taken by surprise, the temperature dropped under 10C. Naturally, “this much snow” caused massive freakouts, which in turn may have lead to slight delays of public transport. Everyone was busy taking pictures after all!

The first snowfall — traditionally called “hatsuyuki” — visited Japan 40 days earlier than expected. Kind of like that aunt that decided to visit you a few weeks before Christmas, and stayed till March. The last time Tokyo citizens saw November snow was in 1962, but it was just a few snowflakes back then.

As you can see – people were not fully prepared, but at least now we have all these mesmerizing pictures of the Japanese winter wonderland. It’s a real sight to behold!