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7 Mouthwatering Latin American Snacks To Include Into Your Bucket List


Do you like delicious and/or spicy food? Great! I’ve got a few special treats from Latin America. Prepare to drool like a bulldog on a hot summer day for these mouthwatering dishes. Bon appetit, or should I say buen apetito!



Croquetas are tiny, fried morsels of ground chicken, fish or ham. Sounds kinda plain, I know, but wait till your mouth gets a hold of it, especially with some hot sauce. The only negative side to this food of the gods is the preparation – you might stink up your house for a week. Still worth it!



Pastelitos de Carne
Take a look at these flaky, sweet layered meat-filled “cakes”, that can be served with all sorts of delicious stuff, like the spicy chorizo sausage or ground beef with onions and olives, if you’re into that. Eat them yourself or throw a party, so your friends can taste these magnificent pastries.

Mofongo is usually made of starchy, fried plantains mushed together with odorous garlic, oil, and pork cracklins, for good measure, then stuff it with meat like chicken, pork, fish, or anything you have in the fridge. Just one single spoonful will make you forget all your problems (for a second), so keep eating and you’ll eventually reach nirvana.



Ever get tried of the famous Canadian poutine? Well, salchipapas is essentially the poutine of Latin America. It’s a dish made of French fries and slices of fried sausage or hot dog. Add some cheese, some coleslaw on the side, drip some mayo on top and boom! – you got yourself a micro heart attack. So worth it, though.



Who doesn’t like pork cracklins? I mean, they’re bloody PORK CRACKLINS! You can find them in the stores, super markets, or just make them at home. In Latin America they’re pretty much like chips in the US.

Okay, this one’s so easy to make you might as well try it right now.
– Get a corn tortilla and cut it into quarters.
– Fry those putas.
– Pour salsa on them. Lots of it.
– Simmer the whole thing.
– Add eggs.
– Throw in some meat.
– Cover with cheese.
– Insert into your mouth hole.
It’s stupid easy and fast. In fact, I’m gonna go make it as well. BRB for the last dish on the menu!



Alright, now that you’re not starving, let’s talk about the most addictive Latin American food – Tamales. Tamales recipe varies from country to country, but usually it’s a yellow or white corn-based masa, stuffed with meat, cheese, and/or vegetables. Usually a single person can eat about 900 of them in one sitting, so try it at your own risk. They’ll disappear faster than a coke line in Charlie Sheen’s nose. And that’s saying something.