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5 World’s Most Bizarre Theme Parks


Theme parks are great, I love watching people have fun, but sometimes these parks get really out of hand. Take Disneyland for example: it’s colorful, and epic, and fun, and there are all these familiar characters. One of the best places on earth, if you’re a Disney fan. On the other end of the theme park spectrum we have stuff like “Hershey Park”, and “Diggerland”. Digger-what now? Are they serious?


Whatever, let’s just pay a visit to these 5 world’s most bizarre theme parks, and see, if we can still have fun in them!



1. Hershey Park
That’s what Willy Wonka’s wet dream would look like if it was brought to life by one of the biggest chocolate magnates in the world — Hershey. Here you can see some giant huggable candies, and kids inhaling sweet sweet coco-vape! I wouldn’t leave my kids here if I were you. Just think of all the shady individuals hanging around that park!

2. Diggerland
There ya go, that’s a perfect theme park for your little monsters. Here you can teach your little ones how to use construction equipment, and let demonstrate them what fun (or chore) real life jobs can be. Best part of it is that they’ll probably love it here, so you can just leave them play around (unlike the Hershey Park) and grab a pint somewhere nearby.

3. Dubai-land
Let me start off by saying that when this monstrosity is finished (yes, it’s still in development), it will be twice the size of Walt Disney World in Florida. Already, that puts a lot of things into perspective, and, compared to the previous 2 parks! This three billion square foot (almost 280 sq. km) monstrosity will feature countless attractions, like the world’s largest waterpark, life-sized Pyramids, Hanging Gardens of Babylon and other world wonders. It’s set to be finished by 2020, so just around the corner! There’s gonna be a lot of weird stuff in that park, mark my words.

4. Dwarf Empire, Kunming, China
Last but not least, on this short (hah!) list of bizarre theme parks, is the Dwarf Empire. It was built on top of a hill in southern China, and is almost entirely staffed by little people, who entertain the visitors with all sorts of singing and dancing shows. While I have nothing against dwarves, or little people, it would be weird as hell for me, a 6-foot tall lad, to stroll among dozens, if not hundreds, of tiny people. It must be very weird for them as well, if you think about it.

5. “Pedro Land”, Dillon, South Carolina
Their motto is “Cheesy, and proud of it”, so you can’t really blame them for anything you’re about to see. If you decide to spend a day here, it would be a day of stereotypes, generalities, and some of the best puns on the planet. Play a round of mini-golf at “The Golf of Mexico” and ride a glass elevator up the Sombrero Tower. “Reality Ride” also looks like something I’d want to try. Oh, and what about those corny billboards, eh? This is some 1st rate comedy gold!