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11 Best Hot Dogs From Around The World


There are very few foods that are ubiquitous to all (or at least many) world cuisines. There’s different rice-based plates, different sandwiches, and different variations of pizzas. There’s also a very wide range of amazing hotdogs being made around the world. Nearly everywhere, hotdogs are a staple “street food”. Here are the 11 best hot dogs from around the world to keep in mind for the next time you plan a trip abroad.
Venezuela — Perro or The Asquerosito
This hotdog from Venezuela might seem like your basic “hotdog with everything”. But looks can be deceiving. Even though the base of the hotdog consists of typical boiled sausage, carrot, diced onions, and crispy potato sticks, it’s the sauce that makes these special. Beyond the classics like ketchup and mayo you can also choose to go for a sweet corn sauce, barbecue sauce, or the Venezuelan special — Alemana.

Mexico — “Jochos” or “Dogos”
You know what makes absolutely anything better? Bacon. These Mexican hotdogs (appropriately named Jochos or “Dogos”) come with sausages that are wrapped in bacon and then grilled. They often come with onions and tomatoes, plus some chiles and beans to really double down on the food groups that make a dish “Mexican”.


France — The French “Hot Dog”
The go-to hotdog type of gas stations worldwide, the French Hotdog is special because it comes with a sausage that’s inside a baguette, in a cavity of scooped out bread, and with a crispy crust. To make your French Hot Dog extra French — add some delicious melted Gruyére cheese (because, like the Mexican hotdog above — you have to double down on the stereotypes).

South Korea — 핫도그
Hands down, these hotdogs are my favorite on the list. They come in a “corndog” shape that is familiar to many Americans. The sausage is coated with delicious breading, deep fried, and then served with ketchup and mustard.

Guatemala — Shucos
Shocos are the Guatemalan variety of hotdogs. They have taken the classic, American “hot dog with everything” as the foundation and spiced it up with staples of Guatemalan cuisine. Namely, Shucos feature ingredients like guacamole, chorizo, ham and special sauces.

Chicago — The Chicago-style hot dog
Chicago has a special type of everything. If you’ve never had the chance to try Chicago-style pizza — you’re really missing out. And, speaking of “missing out”, you should also definitely give the Chicago-style hot dog a try! The main differentiator here is a giant pickle that serves as (arguably) the main ingredient of the hotdog.


Argentina — Pancho
The Argentenian Pancho is special because… well… it’s very large. In audition to that, they sprinkle it with thinly cut potatoes which they (adorably) call “lluvia de papa” which translates to “potato rain”. That image alone puts the Argentenian hot dog at the top of my “favorite hotdogs” list. But I’m a sucker for anything that has a very cute name. These hotdogs are usually served with a sauce that is a mixture of ketchup, mayo, and mustard.

Seattle — The Seattle Dog
In the everlasting battle between Seattle-style foods and Chicago-style foods I think the Seattle hotdog as a bit of an edge to it. It gets my vote (not that anybody asked). These hotdogs come with cream cheese and it’s common to eat them with sausage and grilled onions. To add a little spice into the mix, it’s best to go for jalapeños as an additional topping with a dash of Sriracha. The Seattle hotdog is the perfect mix between the spicy Mexican hotdog and the cheesy French hot dog.

Colombia — Perros calientes
In Colombia the go-to sauce is the “pink sauce” which is a mixture of ketchup and mayonnaise. But the real taste party in your mouth starts when you add pineapple-based salsa and chase the hotdog with a healthy serving of French fries. As a lover of pineapples on pizza (fight me!) and a fan of potatoes — this hotdog serving option is the best of both worlds. To make the hotdog “breakfast” you always have the option to add some egg as a topping.

Georgia — The Scrambled Dog
The Georgia scrambled dog might not look great, but whatever it lacks in presentation it more than makes up for in taste. This hotdog comes with chopped sausages bathed in a spicy chili, onions, and pickles. To add a bit of crunch into the mix, instead of potatoes they use oyster crackers. It’s not convenient to eat on the go, but if you have the time to sit down and enjoy the taste, the Georgia hot dog can’t be beat!


Sweden — Tunnbrödsrulle
Okay, this hotdog is technically a wrap, but I couldn’t skip it on this list. This hotdog is its own meal in and of itself! It comes with sausage, fried onions, mashed potatoes (have I mentioned I love potatoes?), and many other optional toppings to match your taste!