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These are the best Android apps you were looking for!



Remember the first time you’ve opened a new Android smartphone box, slowly peeled the plastic from the screen and turned it on? Yeah, that was the best damn feeling ever! Now what did you usually do with a phone? Naturally, you used it as one, without even realizing that in only a few years there will be an app for literally everything.



Do you feel like your phone battery could use a boost? Now you can prolong its life and make it work longer! Need a file manager? We have that too. Anti-virus software? Yeah, there are some really nasty viruses and trojans just waiting to leak your private photos and videos or simply crash your phone. So, just to be safe, you’re gonna need some protection. You can even find apps for remote-controlling your PC, making fake calls and apps that are nothing more than just sheep jumping through a fence to help you fall asleep. Weird and pointless? Probably, but these still exists.



That’s not all, however. What about your phone’s look and sound? All those cool wallpapers, ringtones and even launchers won’t download themselves! Apart from all these utility apps there are also games. And oh boy they are plenty. From real-time strategies, through first person shooters and weird indie platformer puzzles way up to the games ported from old consoles and games for your cats, believe it or not.



And so, in conclusion, if you have some time to kill, or you’d like to customize your Android phone, or if you think “gee, I wish they’d have an app for this!” – go to the Google Play Store and browse thousands upon thousands of apps!



Enjoy and have fun!