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9 Best 90’s Movies

And while a touch of the macabre isn’t for everyone, that decade did produce some of the best movies we’ve ever seen.

7 Timeless Black and White Movies to Watch

There’s a certain charm to black and white movies that modern cinema just can’t quite copy. By toning down the visual imput, there’s much more room for the story and atmosphere to sink in. And while most black and white movies would be considered slow by modern, Michael Bay action movie-inspired standards, there’s still quite a bunch of them that are at least worth a watch.

10 Historical Movies You MUST Watch

You can’t really learn a lot of history by watching Hollywood blockbusters (that pursuit is better fitted for documentaries), but there is still value in them. There is always value in spending an hour and a half in somebody else’s shoes. There’s value in understanding how some historical events occurred, and how it felt to live through them on a personal level. With that in mind, here are 10 historical movie that you must watch.