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A Fairy Tale Village In The Netherlands With No Roads

Have you ever wanted to live in a fairy-tale place? Somewhere with cute little houses and rivers and lots of fresh flowers. Perhaps you’d even want to ride a boat for a change, you know, instead of using a car. A place like that exists and it’s straight up out of your dreams.It’s called Giethoorn, it’s a village in the Netherlands…

10 Countries that Have the Most Fun! | Brain Berries

10 Countries that Have the Most Fun!

We all want to experience joy and have fun as often as possible. Not all of us have the opportunity to really make that happen, though. Sometimes it’s a personal thing, sometimes it’s a lack of friends who share your interests, but you have to admit — sometimes it’s the environment you’re in! I’m not saying that moving to another country is going to change your life and make you have more fun. What I’m about to do is just share a list of the 10 countries where people have the most fun!

12 Most Technologically Advanced Countries Today

After the end of World War II many of the world’s countries were left in a bad way, Japan had been bombed, Germany had lost most of its power and India was waiting for its independence from the British Empire. Fast forward a few decades and many things have changed for these and other countries in the world, the list of the world’s most technologically advanced countries in 1945 and today are very different! Check out today’s list of the most technologically advanced countries.