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8 TV Supporting Characters Who Became Everybody’s Favorite

We love the main heroes of our favorite shows, but weirdly enough, most of the time they’re overrated. We know the show is about them, but sometimes it’s the characters in the background that catch our attention more. A funny phrase here, a silly expression there, and we’re sold, demanding spin-off series for them!

6 TV Shows That Got Better After A Major Character Had Left

As weird as it sounds, killing off major characters in TV shows may actually be a good thing. For some series this could mean a breath of fresh air. The reason behind those on-screen deaths, however, is what makes this topic so juicy. So some actors got fired, big deal! That is, until you look under the hood and see why they had to go away.

Rare Behind The Scene Selfies and Snapshots

Not every “Behind the Scenes” photo you see from a movie set has the same value. Sometimes they’re staged. Sometimes they’re just tools that marketing teams use to create hype for a movie. But sometimes they also let you sneak a peek at the movie-making process and (depending on your attitude towards the industry) either dispel or strengthen the feeling of movie-making-magic.