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The Best Good-Girl-Bad-Boy Couples We’ve Seen on Screen

Some tropes in Hollywood have been used so many times that you kind of grow bored with them. Other tropes still get used all the time but somehow find a way to reinvent themselves over time and stay fresh. The classic “good girl bad boy” couple trope is probably the best idea of this example.

What Iconic Female Characters Look Like In Remakes (Lara Croft Will Really Surprise You)

Creating remakes of popular­ movies is a risky business. Characters become iconic due to their unique features, style, intricate plotlines, and of course appearance. There’s no denying the fact that we also fall for some characters just because they look cute. This is why so much controversy surrounds new characters of Lara Croft, Catwoman, and the Enchanted trio. Some fans could go along with the new actresses, but others simply couldn’t put up with the transformations their favorite heroines went through.