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7 Timeless Black and White Movies to Watch

There’s a certain charm to black and white movies that modern cinema just can’t quite copy. By toning down the visual imput, there’s much more room for the story and atmosphere to sink in. And while most black and white movies would be considered slow by modern, Michael Bay action movie-inspired standards, there’s still quite a bunch of them that are at least worth a watch.

Top 10 Most Famous Movie Directors | Brain Berries

Top 10 Most Famous Movie Directors

Many film snobs say that the golden age of “The Big Director” is over. Everyone is complaining about all the remakes, all the sequels, and all the cookie-cutter movies being made today. However, there are still directors (both contemporary and from the past) that are still widely known. Bring their name up in conversation, and 99 times out of 100, people will know who you’re talking about.