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Original vs. Remake: Who Played Them Best?

If you look at some of Hollywood’s trends, you can notice a pattern: they’re rehashing old movies. The writers have almost entirely abandoned the concept of new ideas, so the remakes and reboots come out one by one.

Top 8 Worst Superhero Movies | Brain Berries

Top 8 Worst Superhero Movies

Some critics (and fans) say that superhero movies like Guardians of the Galaxy vol.2 or Daredevil with Ben Affleck are the absolute worst. Well, maybe they aren’t the best, but when it comes to total trash, there’s a lot of distance between them and, let’s say, Howard the Duck or Fant4stic reboot.

9 Iconic Roles Nobody Wanted to Play | Brain Berries

9 Iconic Roles Nobody Wanted to Play

Imagine if someone else played Wolverine, like, for example, Russel Crowe? If you believe in the theory of the multiverse, know that on one of those Earths, that’s exactly how things went down. If some famous actors had not rejected roles, we would have completely different movies.