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Zombie Evolution in Pop Culture


Zombies. The living dead. The Z’s. White walkers. Man, so many bad ass names for these unholy abominations around us (not literally, though), and the designers and makeup artists keep giving us new specimens every year!

This amazing video hit the internet a few weeks ago and it’s extremely well-made, especially if you’re a zombie fan. It essentially shows the evolution of the undead throughout the years. And, seeing as it’s a rather short video, many of the zombies were not included, so I decided to add some of my all-time favorites to the mix. But first let’s take a look at the brain-eaters from the original video.



Voodoo zombie, ”White Zombie” (1932)
This movie had the ultimate roofies. One sip and you’re a slave forever!

Living dead, «Night of the Living Dead»(1968)
George Romero’s classic take on the shambling corpses that inspired hundreds if not thousands of zombie movies, tv shows, books, comics and all sorts of media.

Viral zombie, ”Resident Evil” game series (1996-)
Long before Mila Yovovich became a zombie-slaying badass, there were these few horror games that will still scare you shitless! Sure, maybe this part of the video was inspired by the movie, but we gotta give credit where credit is due.

Rabid zombie, «28 Days later» (2002)
Fast, ferocious beasts capable of running down even the most agile prey. Gotta go fast!

Biter, «The Walking Dead» (2010-)
Do I even need to explain this one? I feel like everyone knows about the Walking Dead by now. Fun fact, though: if you look closely, you’ll notice that the zombies in TWD look worse and worse with each season. Meaning, they decay. Which in turn means that we have only a few more seasons, until they all turn to dust.

Z zombie, «World War Z» (2013)
I have no opinion on this movie, but the visual effects were pretty neat, as far as I remember.

Volatile, “Dying light” (2015)
Easily the best zombie-related game out there: combine parkour, craftable weapons and your fast thinking to either get out of a hairy situation or kill every undead in the vicinity. That is, until the volatiles get to you. Then you just run and pray the night ends before they eat you alive.

After all these incredible transformations, there are still some cool undead creatures in the modern pop culture. Let’s take a quick look:



«Black Sheep» (2006)
Sheep zombies… Need I say more? Thought so. Go watch it!

White walkers, «Game of Thrones» (2014- )
Mysterious race of Westerosi undead, who are yet to reveal their true intentions. I freaking love mysteries!

«Marvel Zombies» (2007)
One of the best “what if” stories that managed to break through to the main Marvel universe. Imagine all of your favorite heroes, villains and in-betweeners got infected with an incurable zombie plague, that makes them crave for human flesh. One of the creepiest Marvel stories ever told, but so worth it!