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Women On Instagram Doing the Wonder Woman’s Sword Trick, And… It Works!


What better way to start summer than to go see the best movie DC’s ever produced? Of course, I’m talking about Wonder Woman. This blockbuster seems to have really connected with the girl power, and that’s awesome. But you know how the Internet works: we find some small insignificant detail and obsess over it like it’s the most important thing ever. In this case the Internet cried “how is it possible to keep that huge sword hidden beneath the dress?”. So the avid fans decided to shut the haters up and show the world that not only is it possible, but it also looks amazing!



In the course of a single day, this has suddenly become a thing on Instagram, and women started putting all sorts of different weapons underneath their dresses. Just go check out the hashtag #WWgotyourback on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and see for yourself!



1.Every swashbuckling princess needs a place to for her saber.



2. Beautiful and deadly!



3. This is actually a very similar sword to the one we saw in the movie. Where did she get one?

4. This dress is just too hot. Not to mention the blade.



5. You can clearly see, that you can’t see anything.



6. That’s a nice-looking hilt, if you ask me. Also, what is up with that door frame?

7. Who said you can only use swords?



8. Or only European swords?



9. Katanas are way better than regular swords. Have I said the word sword enough times?

10. Cute dress, terrific … sword, and a polished dancing pole.



11. This is not even a dress yet it still fits!



12. L-l-like a glove!

13. Minecraft fans also added their beautiful candidate.



14. Just look at that slick, sexy claymore…



15. You go girl, the size doesn’t matter!

16. Perfect tattoo placement.



17. Blade, as in THE Blade, would be so jealous!