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Were These Game Of Thrones Characters Borrowed From The Indian Epic Mahabharat?


Game of Thrones is quite an addictive show, and, naturally, people have their favorite characters. But what if I told you that some of those characters and even plot points look suspiciously similar to the ancient Indian epic “Mahabharat”? Let’s get the theories rolling, people!



1. Eddard Stark (GoT) | Yudhishtir (Mahabharat)
Remember that time in Mahabharat when Yudhishtir made a big mistake? Basically, the same happened to Eddard Stark in Game of Thrones. Both of them had lost everything to trust.



2. Stannis Baratheon (GoT) | Duryodhan (Mahabharat)
Both Stannis Baratheon, who thought throne was rightfully his, and Duryodhan, who believed that only he could rule the world, were wrong. They did have a huge ego problem, that’s for sure, and fought wars to prove themselves right. But in the end it didn’t really matter.

3. Littlefinger (GoT) | Shakuni (Mahabharat)
Littlefinger and Shakuni both are genius politicians, shouting orders from the back rows, and there’s nothing sacred for them. They may seem like insignificant characters at the beginning but we should all watch out for their endgame.

4. Varys (GoT) | Shikhandi (Mahabharat)
These two are the patient type. But in addition to that Varys in GoT and Shikhandi in Mahabharat have no particular gender. And thanks to their patience they both get what they want. Although, it looks like Varys’ patience is running out.



5. Arya Stark (GoT) | Arjun (Mahabharat)
Both are focused on their task and eager to learn new things; both have played one of the most crucial roles; and both have traveled a lot to learn fighting and had personal scores to settle. Look, even their names sound similar!

6. Tyrion Lannister (GoT) | Krishna (Mahabharat)
Who would have thought that the Imp would be paired up with Krishna? Both Tyrion and Krishna could’ve become great leaders, but they know it’s not the best way to keep the world at peace. They’re great strategists, potential rulers and are loved by pretty much everyone.

7. Jon Snow (GoT) | Karna (Mahabharat)
New we get to the warrior type. Karna and Jon Snow are both fighters, neither of them knew who their mother was, and, get this, they both come from a royal family! Okay, GRRM, I see what you did there.

8. Daenerys Targaryen (GoT) | Kunti (Mahabharat)
Both Kunti and Daenerys stayed dignified in most adverse conditions, took a seemingly lose-lose situation and turned it around, and their children were their powers. Oh and, they both lost their first child.



Have you noticed any other parallels between Game of Thrones and Mahabharat? Maybe the White Walkers are somewhere in there too? Let us know in the comments!