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Was Friends Really Leaving Netflix?


If you were a Friends fan, these last few weeks have been pure agony for you. Everywhere around the internet, rumors started going round that Friends would be leaving Netflix in January. But was that ever really going to happen? Well, let’s reconstruct what happened.

As you’re probably aware, many companies are starting their own streaming service in the near future. Warner Bros. – that holds all rights to the Friends series – is one of those companies. Hence the scenario was speculated by an analyst that Netflix might lose the rights to stream some of their biggest titles. Friends was then named as an example, and mass hysteria ensued.

To top it all off, Netflix itself said on its page for the show that it would only be viewable until January 1st, when it would be removed from the service.

They do this for every show, but not every show has an analyst claiming Netflix will lose the rights. Hysteria intensifies!

And yes, it turns out the current deal for the Friends show did in fact end at the New Year. But you can rest assured, people: Friends is staying. Netflix paid a whole bunch of dollars – 100 million to be exact – to keep the classic show on their streaming service for at least a year longer. Whether it’ll be on Netflix longer than that depends entirely on Warner Bros.’ own streaming service.

So let this be a lesson to not give in to internet hysteria. Friends was probably never going to leave Netflix, and it’s safe to assume that it won’t until Warner Bros. starts their own streaming service that has to compete directly with Netflix. Sit back, relax, watch Friends on Netflix and – don’t forget – chill!