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TV Characters That Deserve Their Own Spin-off



Spin-offs are generally considered to be a thing of the 90’s. Where they were a good way to either continue or broaden a story or specific character from a popular show, it was hardly ever considered to be a financial success. And like all things in this world, it’s not happening if it doesn’t make someone a lot of money.


That said, we live in a time where more and more TV shows seem to go a lot deeper and more varied than the average 90’s show. Some of the characters we’re seeing today would really be worthy candidates for their own spin-off show – so let’s take a look.



Ned Stark (Game of Thrones)
I mean, we didn’t even get a full season of the guy and there’s so much left to be told of his history! It doesn’t even need to have anything to do with Jon, just let Ned have some battles with Robert Baratheon so we can understand their friendship better.


Bernard (Westworld)
This has always been one of the more interesting supporting characters of Westworld, so giving him a mini series that further develops his role within the park seems like a given.



Five (Umbrella Academy)
What did he do when he traveled through time? How did he survive the post-apocalyptic world for years? We need answers!


Agent May (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.)
The toughest of the agents and the one with the most history apart from Coulson, she could really use a prequel spin-off. Or just a regular spin-off. Any spin-off, really.



Negan (The Walking Dead)
Give me a series that shows what Negan has been doing since the zombie outbreak before he met Rick and his group and I’ll watch it all day.

Steve Harrington (Stranger Things)
Maybe not even a spin-off, I’d just like to see him evolve into one of the main characters even more than he did in the second season. Eventually, give him his own problems to solve instead of having to help the Eleven gang.



Alfie Solomons (Peaky Blinders)
Look, you can’t say that Tom Hardy didn’t absolutely nail this character and you wouldn’t want to see more of him. Alfie was such an interesting character that not giving him a spin-off seems like a big waste.