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Top 9 Lindsay Lohan Movies


We all know that Lindsay Lohan can be hot-tempered and reckless, but this does not change the fact that she’s an outstanding Hollywood actress with many successful projects behind her back.

Check out some of the best movies starring the controversial Lindsay Lohan!

1. Herbie: Fully Loaded

An old VW Beetle named Herbie has certain unusual qualities for an ordinary car: it or rather, he has a mind of his own, a kind heart (engine?), and really wants to win in races. A young student Maggie (Lindsay Lohan) finds Herbie all covered in rust and restores him to his former glory. But when she finds out that the car is sentient, they decide to participate in the races. It’s a lighthearted comedy that may squeeze a tear or two out of anyone.

2. Liz & Dick

The title refers to the romance between Liz Taylor and Richard Burton, real actors who met on the set of the legendary movie Cleopatra. Eyewitnesses were shocked by the fast development of the couple’s relationship, and the press watched their every step like a hawk. At the time, Burton was in his first marriage, and Elizabeth, who wasn’t even 30, was already on her fourth marriage. Lindsay absolutely slays it as Liz Taylor!

3. Parent Trap

Parent Trap is a story of two twins separated in childhood who then somehow met each other at a summer camp and decided to bring their lonesome parents back together. Yes, it turns out that their parents divorced many years ago, and each grabbed a kid. That’s kind of messed up. Either way, now Holly and Annie won’t lose their chance to reunite mom and dad and live as a happy family again. This was the role that brought Lindsay Lohan her immense popularity and a contract with the Disney company for three more movies.

4. Freaky Friday

The plot follows the difficult relationship between a mother and her 15-year-old daughter Annie. These two just can’t see eye to eye on anything, be it fashion, music, or men. When things start heating up, they magically swap bodies and wake up on Friday morning all-new, all-different. All you need to do is change your perspective to see the issues and the solutions.

5. Mean Girls

After spending all her childhood in Africa, practically without talking to her peers, Cadey Haron moved to a quiet town in America where chaos and drama rule the study halls. After getting pushed around for a bit, Cadey decides that it’s time to show these b-words who’s boss. It’s the survival of the fittest, after all.

6. Just My Luck

Ashley is considered the luckiest girl in Manhattan county. After an accidental kiss with a local loser, Ashley’s life goes topsy-turvy. The poor girl realizes that good fortune has forsaken her, and from now on, it’s going to be one dark lane after another. Or maybe there’s still hope and a silver lining?

7. Georgia Rules

A spoiled city girl was brought to her grandmother in Idaho, known for her despotic disciplinary approach. But Georgia is too much of a rebel to listen to her granny. She flirts with local boys, goes against everything her grandma says, and even tries to seduce a local doctor. It turns out that old childhood trauma is the cause of this behavior.

8. I Know Who Killed Me

Aubrey Fleming is an exemplary high school student working on her first book. One day, Aubrey gets kidnapped by a sadistic serial killer. Even though she is brutally tortured, Aubrey endures the suffering, and two weeks later, manages to escape. When she comes to, the girl claims her name is Dakota Moss, and the real Aubrey is still in captivity. But it’s hard to believe since Dakota Moss is a fictional character in Aubrey’s story. The plot thickens.

9. Labor Pains

Taking the position of secretary-assistant in a large publishing company, a young girl named Thea decides to do everything possible to keep the position. Thea lies about being pregnant because pregnant women can’t be legally fired. Now workdays are filled with fake contractions, baby talk, and heaps of ridiculous situations.