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Top 9 Jessica Biel’s Sexiest Roles


You probably remember the stunning model/actress Jessica Biel from the TV show 7th Heaven, where she played Mary Camden. But she’s not just a small screen star. Biel has rocked the big screen too. One of her standout performances is in The Illusionist, where she nailed the role of Duchess Sophie von Teschen. And if you’re into action, you’ve probably seen Blade: Trinity, where she kicks butt alongside Wesley Snipes. In other words, there’s more to her than just a pretty face. Biel’s got range, and her movies prove she’s got serious acting chops.

Here are some of Jessica Biel’s most prominent roles.

1. Powder Blue

Playing a stripper is not easy, but playing a desperate stripper is even harder. But there’s nothing a single mother wouldn’t do to provide for her kid, especially during Christmas. Do we even need to say more?

2. I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry

This might be one of the silliest Adam Sandler movies out there, and that’s saying a lot. But at the very least, the viewers get to see the beautiful Jessica Biel oozing charm left, right, and center. The plot is, well, forget about the plot. Biel and Sandler have something going on, and that Catwoman costume? Me-ow!

3. Summer Catch

What’s a baseball movie without a catch like Jessica Biel, eh? Here she played a local girl with big dreams who completely charms a talented baseball player. Summer Catch was also her first big job since

7th Heaven, and she nailed it.

4. The Rules of Attraction

In the Rules of Attraction, Jessica Biel plays Lara Holleran, a rebellious and very promiscuous college student. If you thought she looked hot in Summer Catch, you gotta watch this film now. Rules of Attraction may not be the greatest movie, but the plot about Biel hooking up with the brother of America’s most notorious serial killer is nothing to scoff at.

5. Valentine’s Day

Romcoms seem to be the way to go for Biel. She was born to make people smile. And even though she’s not playing an oversexualized supermodel in Valentine’s Day, you can’t deny that her chemistry with Jamie Foxx is incredible. Actually, if you think about it, Biel has great chemistry with everyone. Maybe that’s her secret?

6. Accidental Love

After an unfortunate nail gun accident, Alice Eckle, played by Biel, undergoes a sudden personality change, becoming a really horny political activist who tries to blame everything that’s happened to her on Congress. The movie is not great, as it went through reshoots, rewrites, and was in production for way too long, but Biel’s performance is definitely a highlight.

7. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Every horror movie fan knows that the best weapon against an insane serial killer is a sexy cropped shirt, right? Well, it somehow worked out for Jessica Biel’s character in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and we won’t question it. She made Leatherface drool under that wicked mask, for sure.

8. The Sinner

In this TV series revolving around heinous crimes committed by deranged people, Jessica Biel’s character Cora is equally as disturbing as she is hot (in a very wrong way). Waking up on the beach covered in blood after a drunk orgy? Yeah, that’ll break a person.

9. Limetown

In the mystery drama series Limetown, Biel plays Lia Haddock, a journalist investigating the disappearance of over 300 people at a research facility. But in her free time, she’s doing some very kinky stuff like recording her sleeping co-worker, so she could later listen to the sound of his breath. This woman is as unhinged as she is horny, but that’s what makes the show so exciting to watch.