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Top 9 Iconic Horror Movie Baddies


What’s a horror movie without an evil villain for us to antagonize? Well, to be fair, it’s psychological horror, but it’s neither here nor there. Today we’re sizing up your favorite horror movie monsters and villains! Regardless of their origin, these 9 horror movie baddies have truly become the icons of terror.



1. The Xenomorph (Alien)
In 1978 we were introduced to the Xenomorph alien, who stole our hearts along with other vital organs. Thanks to the collaboration with H. R. Giger the creature turned out to be incredibly horrifying, just as planned. Till this day the Xenomorphs instill horror in everyone.



2. Pinhead (Hellraiser)
He’s not the Devil, but some would say he’s much much worse. In case you didn’t know, Pinhead is a cenobite (a multidimensional being) who absolutely hates humans. If you use the puzzle box to summon him, prepare for the worst day of your life.

3. Chucky (Child’s Play)
Inanimate objects, especially dolls of all kinds, coming to life are a very common trope in horrors, and you gotta leave a real terrifying impression to be remembered. Here comes Chucky! After being electrocuted, a serial killer’s twisted soul was released into the ether and entered Chucky – a brand new doll. You may be thinking “well, it’s still a toy, what could possibly be so terrifying about it?” Well, he’s very quick, and can’t be killed.

4. Michael Myers (HALLOWEEN)
Who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned silent type slasher. Put on a facemask, grab a kitchen knife and boom – you’re basically Michael Myers (not to be mixed with Mike Myers the comedian). He’s technically a human, at least he started out as one, until the day he killed his own babysitter and got transferred to a loony bin for like 20 years. After some shenanigans, he escapes, and no-one should feel safe now.



5. Samara (The Ring)
She’s the creepy girl from the ring, and you now have 7 days to share this article unless you want her to pay you a visit. Remember how creeped out you were when you watched “The Ring” for the first time? Making a copy of the video was the only way to get her off your back, but that only meant you need to have someone else watch it and probably die instead of you. What would you do to defeat Samara? Release her demonic entity? Probably. Hey, at least “The Ring” is not a cash-grab franchise like the rest of these movies.

6. Hannibal Lecter (Silence Of The Lambs)
He’s just a man… a very sick and twisted man. And that’s exactly what makes him terrifying – he’s a human, which means anyone around you could be just as bad as this Hannibal-cannibal. Of course, Sir Anthony Hopkins’ performance is also stellar, and it’s probably the reason why the character of Dr. Lecter is so memorable.

7. Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th)
Ah, another silent type! This immortal mama’s boy has no chill. Jason Voorhees, everyone, the undying slasher monster that rises from his watery grave so often.



8. Freddy Krueger (A Nightmare On Elm Street)
One of the funniest villains on this list – Freddy Krueger. He could’ve been yet another silent type, but nope, he jokes, he quips, and he makes puns… right before he brutally kills his victims. Thanks to Freddy’s ability to enter people’s dreams, he’s been hunting teens ever since a bunch of kids burned him alive. One time he even got to fight with Jason Voorhees over there!

9. Pennywise (IT)
Saved the best for last – meet Pennywise the dancing clown! Known only as IT, this nigh-omnipotent creature form another dimension, feeding off of scared kids, can shapeshift into anything and anyone, but its favorite character is the clown. A perfect image to terrify millions of children.