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Top 7 Movies That Never Get Old


Sometimes when a movie you’ve seen a hundred times pops up on your TV or Netflix’s “Watch Again”, you can’t help but go make some snacks and relive the adventure again, and again. There’s something very comforting in knowing where the plot is going and what the characters are about to do or say. It’s almost as if you can see into the future, not to mention you start noticing minuscule details and word choices that you’ve never paid any attention to before.


So, I do understand that this list will be a hit or miss, since it’s a mix of my favorites and generally outstanding movies. If you don’t like some of the films here, then A) you’re wrong; and B) show me your own list in the comments!


These 7 movies will never get old no matter how many times we watch them!



1. The Cabin in the Woods
First time I was watching this film, I thought “well, it’s a nice horror flick”, until that part when we piece the clues together and get that much needed exposition about all the monsters, sacrifices, and the inevitable end of the world. Every time you watch it, you understand how crazy detailed the writing was.



2. Ace Ventura
Meet my favorite guilty pleasure comedy of all time – “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.” Is it goofy? Sure. Is the plot full of holes? Maybe. But is it hilarious? Oh hell yeah! The intro alone gives me a good laugh every time, but the cherry on top is that scene where Ace realizes Einhorn is Finkle and Finkle is Einhorn. Comedy gold!

3. Forrest Gump
Life is like a box of chocolates – you never know what you’re gonna get” – probably, the most well-known quote from Forrest Gump, and let me tell you, this movie is a gold mine of great quotes. In a nutshell, Forrest Gump has a soul and he’s not afraid to show it. Also, all those little Easter eggs like “Apple”, the smiley face etc., are just awe-inspiring to look at. Wow, it’s been almost 3 years, time to rewatch this movie again!

4. The Avengers
I’m more than confident each person reading this has seen Joss Whedon’s Avengers at least once. The banter between our favorite character, amazing plot, all the memes that came out of it, and of course the Hulk smashing Loki! I love it, and so should you. Of course the best way to watch it is to rent the whole Phase One DVD and watch all the movies back to back, finishing with “The Avengers”!

5. Inception
Definitely one of the most ingenious movies ever made, and not just because of the fascinating premise, musical score, and fantastic special effects, but also because of the tiny little details sprinkled here and there throughout the movie. And how about that ambiguous ending? Is this the real life or is it just fantasy? Each time you see it, you understand it a little better, and that’s what it’s all about.

6. Hellboy
Guillermo del Toro’s “Hellboy” (both of them) is a real masterpiece and there’s no way you can’t change my mind. Hear me out: a big, red, cigar-smoking, devil-like hunk of a man (Ron Perlman) with attitude and authority issues, fights fairy tale monsters with a fish-man Abe Sapien, and his pyrokinetic girlfriend Liz Sherman. Boom, you’re hooked now and you wanna see more! Even after watching both movies, you’ll be thinking about them after just a few days.

7. The Drunken Master (anything with Jackie Chan, really)
I love this dude. Simple as that. He may not be the best dramatic actor, and his movies aren’t as deep or don’t have Shyamalan twists, but the action, oh boy…it’s like watching a well-oiled kung-fu machine doing crazy stunts. Not to mention he’s doing everything on his own, without the stunt doubles! Oh, and those after credit scenes with failed scenes and injuries are really heart-breaking to watch. Still I love every minute of them!