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Top 7 Most Re-Watched TV Episodes Of All Time


Is there a TV series you like re-watching over and over? Maybe Seinfeld or Friends? If you do, you probably have a favorite episode. Well, it turns out, people’s tastes aren’t so different, because thousands of viewers have voted, and now we have a list of top 7 most re-watched TV episodes ever. Some spoilers may occur, so tread lightly!

1. “Bad News” – “How I Met Your Mother” (S06E13)

One of the most heart-breaking and unforgettable episodes in the history of sitcoms. There’s comedy, drama, unspecified countdown, and some awful news in the end. Throughout the entire episode, we’re being told that Marshall and Lilly’s B-plot will lead to the titular “bad news,” but it’s all much much worse.

2 “Remedial Chaos Theory” – “Community” (S03E04)

Community is one of those shows that are not afraid to do something original. And among dozens of great episodes, there’s one that stands out the most – Remedial Chaos Theory. Who knew that a simple act of rolling a six-sided die, to decide who should get the pizza, would open up a world of parallel dimensions. Seven timelines were created, including the darkest one.

3. “Dinner Party” – “The Office” (S04E13)

According to Google, “Dinner Party” is way up there on the list, but how can one pick just one episode of the Office – the funniest show on the planet? The numbers don’t lie, and this episode is a perfect combination of deadpan humor, cringe, and awkwardness. Oh, and that scene with Jan dancing? Yikes!

4. “Battle of the Bastards” – “Game of Thrones” (S06E09)

A lot can be said about the Game of Thrones, especially the last season. But you can’t deny that it’s had some incredible stuff, one of which was the Battle of the Bastards. It showed the viewers that massive epic battles could be done exceptionally well. Every time you watch this battle, you’re going to see something new in the background.

5. “The Contest” – “Seinfeld” (S04E11)

When it comes to summarizing Seinfeld plots, you can do it in just a few words. “Seinfeld and co. are betting who will endure the longest without, hmm, going solo.” That’s it, that’s the plot. Everything about this weird little story is hilarious, from the premise to the dirty euphemisms.

6. “Ozymandias” – “Breaking Bad” (S05E14)

Being one of the most iconic TV shows of the 21st century, Breaking Bad also has one of the most re-watched episodes ever – Ozymandias. People really love this one, although it is pretty gut-wrenching, heavy-duty stuff. At least that’s what I’ve been told.

7. “The Last One” – “Friends” (S10E17- S10E18)

Finales are always bittersweet, especially when the show is ending after ten incredible seasons. Friends are the poster child of the 90s but somehow still funny and relevant decades later. Throughout the seasons, we’ve followed the ups and downs of the titular group of friends, but you know that already, and you’ve seen the finale like sixteen times already, right? So just go watch it again! Let those tears flow, watching them all leave their keys in the empty apartment…