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Top 10 Video Games That Got Turned Into Anime


The connection between video gaming and anime is hardly ignorable anymore. Many anime series that have some semblance of success will often have their media expand to the gaming platforms, allowing people to live the story for themselves.
The opposite, however, happens a lot less frequently. Many video games that get turned into anime flat-out are horrible, but some have been quite successful in the past. Let’s take a look at some video games that were successfully turned into anime.



10. Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV
I’m personally hoping this doesn’t become a “thing” for Final Fantasy games, but yup, this happened. And the show wasn’t half bad, either.



9. Inazuma Eleven
In a world where we have annual FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer games on pretty much all platforms, Inazuma Eleven was always bound to work better as an anime series.

8. Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works
It seems weird to make an anime out of a visual novel, but it’s different enough to be worth it.



7. Daganronpa The Animation
The game series started in 2010 and got its first anime adaptation in 2013. Which is, in all fairness, pretty late.

6. .hack//Sign
The original .hack franchise was converted into an anime, making up one of the four storylines of the games. Some pretty big names were involved in this series about someone trapped in an MMO with short term memory loss.



5. Valkyria Chronicles
This war-based video game with unique visual style got its anime adaption. The visual style was sadly lost in this process, though.

4. Persona 4: The Animation
The popular Playstation game series was also successfully adapted to the anime medium. The fifth game is currently out, so maybe we’ll see another series too!

3. God Eater
While the games are pretty repetitive, they have a very loyal following. The anime series was thankfully a lot less repetition and showed the story a lot more.



2. Steins;Gate
I mean, there’s hardly a story that would make for a better anime adaptation than students finding technology that allows them to change the past, right?

1. Pokémon
Yup, Pokémon actually started out as the Gameboy games we all played so much. They weren’t a big success at first, but really boomed when Mew was released as a limited edition 151st Pokémon. The anime series followed shortly after.