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Top 10 Spookiest Horror Movies To Watch On Halloween


We watch movies to feel something, be it happiness, inspiration, or thrills, and horror movies are the best medium to get your body all flushed with adrenaline. With the development of cinema, filmmakers have been creating new ways to give the poor thrill-seeking viewers night terrors after the screening.

We present to you 10 of the scariest horror movies to watch on Halloween, and we definitely do not recommend them to the faint of heart!

1. Hereditary

Last year’s horror hit surprised everyone. It was supposed to be a regular movie with some spooky scenes, and it came out … well, it’s hard to fully grasp this intriguing plot. One thing is certain — when watching Hereditary,” you should read carefully between the lines as the plot is full of symbolism and references. Under the guise of a horror film, there is a story about pain, death, and family mental trauma.

2. Halloween

You’re in for a treat if you like slashers. The new “Halloween” (2018) charmed the viewers with both the atmosphere and skillfully arranged genre clichés. Everything works as it should in this film, and there’s not a second of dull time here, once the killings start. This is how it’s done, ladies and gentlemen!

3. A Quiet Place

John Krasinski tried his hand as a director and hit the jackpot. The strongest part of “The Quiet Place” is an unusual premise in which the slightest whisper of the characters can summon dangerous alien beasts that can tear them to shreds. The movie is so quiet that viewers who ate crunchy popcorn were actually disturbing the atmosphere in the room during the screenings.

4. The Visit

M. Night Shyamalan is an artist with great vision and incredible ideas, but some of his films are renowned stinkers. “The Visit” is quite the opposite of that — it’s a real gem! Young siblings come to visit their grandparents, whom they’d never met before. The old couple seems a bit strange and even disturbing. Soon terrible things start to happen, and the kids have to fight for their lives. It’s real horror poetry.

5. The Grudge

The Japanese know a few things about making horror movies. The enormous number of jump scares made many viewers’ hearts flutter, and the disturbing atmosphere kept them awake long after the movie ended. Remember the sound the demon girl makes? The very thought of that screech sends shivers down my spine!

6. It: Chapter One

A big surprise of 2018 was Stephen King’s “It.” The combination of a new adventure with a dark horror twist worked out perfectly. As a result, we got a plot-rich, multi-layered story that culminated in a great cliffhanger. Horror movie fans were eagerly waiting for the final confrontation, but it wasn’t as good as Chapter One.

7. The Babadook

The Babadook” is one of the brightest gems on this list. It’s full of references to the Roman Polański’s work. The story revolves around a single mother, forced to deal with the death of her husband and her hyperactive son. Babadook is one of those horror films where you can interpret the plot in two ways — as a classic image of horror and as a parable, presenting a story about human demons full of symbolism.

8. The Cabin in the Woods

This movie is not a classic horror movie, nor is it scary. However, it needs to be mentioned that a total deconstruction of a horror genre is not an easy task. Clever pop-culture references sprinkled throughout the cliche horror movie hooks is a sight to behold. A group of young people arrives at a cabin in the woods, where gruesome things begin to happen. It soon turns out that something smells fishy here, and the truth about the origins of the monstrosities lies elsewhere.

9. Get Out

One of the most intense hits of recent years is Jordan Peele’s “Get Out.” This movie made an uproar at the Oscars, which is not often seen with horror movies. “Get Out” is not a traditional horror. It is both a perverse satire and a pop-culture game with the viewer. The film also touches upon many delicate topics, such as the hypocrisy of people who use political correctness as a weapon to fight against people who have different views.

10. The Descent

Our final suggestion is a movie that aspires to be the best horror films of recent times. A group of young women discovers a deep cave. Being spelunkers, they decide to test the waters and go into the unknown. It soon turns out that this place has a terrible secret. “The Descent” is a great mix of slasher, survival horror, and psychological drama. The movie’s production is also outstanding, and although the script does not have much complexity, it all works great together.