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Top 10 Indian Superheroes With Infinite Superpowers


You may have heard of Captain America, Spider-man, Batman, and countless other superheroes, but did you know there’s a league of extraordinary Indian superdudes who call themselves “The Scavengers”? Yeah, really on the nose there, Bollywood, but I’m not blaming you. In this day and age, a good superhero movie is hard to come by. Then again, I’m a fanboy, so I’ll take whatever they’re dishing out.
Anyway, let’s see these top 10 Indian superheroes with infinite superpowers!



Mr. India
One of the coolest superpowers to have is full invisibility. Who wouldn’t want to disappear during a really awkward conversation with your relatives? Not to mention all the nasty things you can do while invisible, am I right?

Sounds kinda like “Superman”, doesn’t it? Well, believe it or not, Shaktimaan had pretty much infinite powers: flight, steel-melting vision, and enough brawn to crush any rock with his bare hands. Now, who wouldn’t want at least a tiny bit of these insane superpowers?

Indian Superman
Speaking of Superman… Have you seen Puneet Issar as the Man of Steel? Hollywood ain’t got nothing on this brave Kryptonian. Sure, the movie is full of crazy plot twists and questionable acting skills, but come on, he could run faster than a train!



As long as G.One has access to an outlet of or some other source of electricity, he’ll be ready to kick ass! Another great skill he has is the ability to turn his head by 360 degrees, like a goddamn mutant owl. Did I mention he can also project images through his eyes, and transmit messages over great distances without using Skype or Viber? Cool, huh!

The power of flight – probably one of the oldest superpower archetypes ever. It’s either that or talking to animals, not quite sure. And who can fly, apart from the 2 Supermen above? That’s right, it’s Krrish, baby!



Dara Singh
Dara Singh – one of few India’s original superheroes. His bulging muscles could intimidate even the bravest and strongest men. Imagine how cool it would to glance at someone and see them run like hell! Also, he looks like a monkey.

Ajooba is a masked rider in black, who looks and acts a lot like Robin Hood or Zorro. So far so boring, right? WRONG! Have you seen this dude kick ass? He even fought a freaking tiger, dude!



There’s this super smart robot, that somehow develops feelings, and he is played by the great Rajinikanth himself! Basically, he’s the Indian equivalent of Schwarzenegger’s Terminator. But cooler.

His day job is boring, but at night, Shahenshah wears a 14kg costume and fights crime! He’s trying to get rid of the corrupt politicians and the pesky criminals, and there seems to be no way to put an end to it in one swoop. However, Shahenshah doesn’t give up!



Drona is no simple guy, or even a robot with feelings. He was born to save the world from the evil Kay Kay Menon! It is his destiny, and nothing can stop him from kicking that evil butt using mind-bending superpowers such as fencing and karate? Okay, enough Bollywood for today.