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Top 10 Hottest Weather Girls on TV


Back in the day, when TVs weren’t flat, and people still watched news programs, there was a brief window of reprise that every man tuned into – the weather forecast. TV stations figured out that sex appeal sells, so they started hiring hot women to read out the weather news in order to boost their viewer ratings.

It sounds about as bad as it is, but hopefully, all these women are happy to do what they do. Here are some of the hottest weather girls of 2023!

1. Sheena Parveen

This stunning meteorologist of Indian descent graduated from Florida State University and worked with major stations such as Fox and NBC. She has covered reports on blizzards, hurricanes, and tornadoes, including the 2013 tornado in Oklahoma and the chilling blizzard of 2016. She also hosts her show “Pet Adoption” and has been featured in popular magazines as one of the hottest female weather reporters in the world.

2. Evelyn Taft

Evelyn Taft is a popular American news anchor who currently serves as the weekend chief night meteorology expert for CBS2/KCAL 9 News channel. She is fluent in English, Hebrew, Russian, and French and has won several awards, including the Bob Jones Award in 2003, the Old Tom Morris Award, and the Golden Mike Award. Easy on the eyes and practically a genius – what’s not to love?

3. Anabel Angus

This Bolivian television presenter, model, designer, and journalist has been really busy since 2002, when she started her dancing career. Later, Anabel hosted several shows, including Calle 7 and Chicostation. She has almost 400k followers on Instagram and has been a brand ambassador for Pantene and Kotex.

4. Jasmina Marazita

Marazita is a popular weather reporter and anchor from Miami. She’s also skilled in traffic and entertainment reporting and holds a journalism degree, which she used to create a documentary on Ecuador’s earthquake. If you prefer her calming voice, she’s also a radio host, which means she’s covered all her bases and is now getting thousands of new followers every month.

5. Lluvia Carrillo

Lluvia Carrillo is a TV host and weather girl from Mexico known for her athletic figure and captivating brown locks. She previously worked as a sports reporter before transitioning to weather forecasting for Televisa Monterrey. Carrillo has replaced Yanet Garcia as the weather anchor on the channel and has gained a large following on Instagram for her candid photos.

6. Janice Villagran

Janice Villagran is a Mexican weather anchor known for her charismatic screen presence and impeccable taste in skin-tight outfits. She holds a bachelor’s degree in communication science and works as an on-air host for I Testigo TV. Villagran is also part of En Vivo USA and works as a surgical technologist and medical assistant. She is listed among the sexiest weather anchors in Latin America as well as the world.

7. Naile Lopez

Naile Lopez is a Mexican model, TV host, and renowned meteorologist. She is known for her talent, beauty, and weather anchor role for Las Noticias Televisa Monterrey. Still not good enough? In addition to all that, she has starred in the Mexican TV show “The Two Lives Of Estela Carrillo.”

8. Sol Perez

Sol Perez is a gorgeous Argentine weather anchor and model who can kick anyone’s butt at boxing. She has a massive Instagram following of 6.5 million fans who enjoy her saucy pictures. Sol is a fitness enthusiast who loves to flaunt her curves, which makes her a perfect weather reporter and a hit among viewers.

9. Susana Almeida

Susana Almeida is at the top of this list for a reason. She’s a celebrity news anchor, model, and weather presenter in Guadalajara, Mexico, and you know how people love watching celebrities. One glance at her will tell you exactly why this lovely lady is so popular. Unsurprisingly, Susana has won multiple awards for being the best-looking weather girl in the business.

10. Yanet Garcia

Yanet started her career as a model at 15 and has since become a successful entrepreneur, social media influencer, and actress. Playboy magazine named her the “Woman who encourages people to watch the weather forecast,” and those guys know what’s up (pun intended). With over 12 million followers on Instagram, she is known for her special way of delivering weather forecasts where everyone pays zero attention to the actual report and instead focuses on her lovely smile. She also appeared in a couple of trashy C-tier movies like Sharknado 5.