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The Top 10 Dragon Ball Moments


Dragon Ball comes back! So buckle up and hold on as you witness your favorite heroes face new powerful foes and try to save the universe one more time.



Dragon Ball series creator Akira Toriyama has announced that he will return to run the show. Recent movies like Battle of Gods and Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ has made the anime even more popular than before. It only makes us wonder why it took them so long to launch the new series. It’s been a long and painful eighteen years after the end of Dragon Ball GT! We decided to celebrate the return of the epic saga by revisiting the 10 most iconic moments in Dragon Ball Z



10. It’s over 9000! When Goku returned from the dead to face Vegeta and Nappa we saw DBZ become the show we all love, once more.The Top 10 Dragon Ball Moments 9



9. Goku and Piccolo getting their driver’s licenses. This is probably the most hilarious scene in the entire Dragon Ball series. Who knew that Piccolo was so competitive?The Top 10 Dragon Ball Moments 9



8. The newest Super Sayain appears. The mysterious half-saiyan from the future sure knows how to make an entrance, he’s the one who diced FriezaThe Top 10 Dragon Ball Moments 8



7. Goku vs Vegeta: the first of many fights between the eternal rivals. The Top 10 Dragon Ball Moments 7



6. Tien vs Cell. This is the scene that had us rooting for Tien. Being the only human to actually challenge Cell, he put up a truly amazing fight. He’s probably the most badass character in the showThe Top 10 Dragon Ball Moments 6



5. Kid Buu destroys the earth. After numerous transformations into more evolved and powerful monsters, Buu creates an energy ball that turns Earth to ashes (good thing they have the Dragon Balls to undo all the bad stuff)The Top 10 Dragon Ball Moments 5



4. Goku vs Kid Buu. Animation in DBZ has really improved over the years and this extended pulse pounding fight was absolutely phenomenal. It had us on the edge of our seatsThe Top 10 Dragon Ball Moments 4



3. Vegeta’s Sacrifice. There’s one thing a warrior always keeps – his pride. After losing his soul to achieve a power-up and finally beat the crap out of Goku, we saw Vegeta blow himself up to save the EarthThe Top 10 Dragon Ball Moments 3



2. Gohan goes SSJ2. The son of Goku never wanted to become a warrior but he was the first one to unlock this power level. The Top 10 Dragon Ball Moments 2



1. Goku goes Super Sayain. We couldn’t resist. This is the ultimate DBZ scene that will never be topped. After seeing two of his best friends murdered by Frieza, Goku snaps and powers up to become the Legend and stops the space tyrant. The transformation is pure epicness!The Top 10 Dragon Ball Moments 1

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