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Top 10 Disney Male Role Models


Boys need positive role models, and some of the best ones always come from books, movies, and shows. Personally, I think a good attitude is more important than being perfect. Perfection is overrated (and impossible), while a positive attitude and the ability to learn from your mistakes can make a good person out of anyone. That’s what’s really important. So, with that said, here are 10 Disney characters who would make great role models!


Like Luke Skywalker, Hercules’s path from zero to hero and from hero to zero is explored really well in one of my favorite Disney cartoons. Love him or hate him, the story of Hercules is very appealing. He goes from being an overpowered nobody to being a weak somebody. He goes from being a big fish in a small pond (Demi-god amongst humans) to being a small fish in a big pond (human amongst the gods). And through it all, in the end, he makes the choice to protect someone he loves, which is something any boy could learn a good lesson from.

Hercules | Top 10 Disney Male Role Models | Brain Berries

Bruce Banner

As you know, Marvel is now under the Disney umbrella, so I get to write about a character that’s very dear to my heart — Bruce Banner. Bruce is all about brains, but he also has a good heart. He is a kind man, he is loyal, and he has learnt the lesson that anger is not the right solution to any problem. He has learned to control his anger, and that’s a very positive trait for men to develop. There’s too much aggression, and learning to control your emotions and think with your brain is an admirable trait.

Bruce Banner | Top 10 Disney Male Role Models | Brain Berries

James P. Sullivan

Even though he is a giant and strong monster, James P. Sullivan is kind and loving. He quickly learns that children aren’t as hazardous as he thought, and proceeds to act accordingly throughout the rest of Monsters Inc. He is a great demonstration of how kindness and understanding can lead to more progress than sticking to whatever society deems to be “normal”. A great role model!

James P. Sullivan | Top 10 Disney Male Role Models | Brain Berries

Luke Skywalker

Well, today Disney also owns George Lucas Films, so this counts! Luke Skywalker is a great role model. His character is explored quite thoroughly throughout all the films that he’s been in, and we’ve seen him transform from someone who is unsure of his own capabilities to someone who will sacrifice himself for the greater good. Numerous times he has had the chance to defeat evil by ignoring his morals, but he chose mercy over murder, and that is what makes him both a good Jedi and a good male role model.

Luke Skywalker | Top 10 Disney Male Role Models | Brain Berries


Honestly, every good thing you need to know about Aladdin is established during the first few scenes of the movie. He’s down on his luck, but he’s trying to make the best of it and keep a positive attitude. He doesn’t always have enough to eat, but he always shares what he has with those who need it. And, in the end, his kind heart is appreciated and proven to be more important than royalty status.

Aladdin | Top 10 Disney Male Role Models | Brain Berries


He has been abused all his life, and yet Quasimodo manages to see the good in people and show kindness to others even when they are being awful towards him. I understand that part of it could be written down to just being naive, but part of it is all about having a positive attitude and making the best of the life you are given.

Quasimodo | Top 10 Disney Male Role Models | Brain Berries

Milo James Thatch

Milo James Thatch’s most prominent positive characteristics are bravery and curiosity. He might not be the smartest scientist or the strongest person on the expedition to Atlantis, but that combination of curiosity and bravery got him there! Plus, when push came to shove, he displayed real courage and fought on the side of the people of Atlantis to save them!

Milo James Thatch | Top 10 Disney Male Role Models | Brain Berries


Mufasa is a great father and a great leader. He understands the “Circle of Life” and he approaches his role in it with great care. He tries to keep order in his household (and his kingdom), and through his strictness and fairness he commands the respect of everyone around him. Unlike his brother, Scar, who gained and kept control through brute force, Mufasa is as close to a “people person” as you can get when it comes to talking lions.

Mufasa | Top 10 Disney Male Role Models | Brain Berries


Like Quasimodo and Aladdin, Pacha’s main strength comes from his dedication to always trying to see the best in people. He understands that the way people act isn’t always driven by the fact that they’re evil. Sometimes they just don’t understand how damaging what they are doing is. So, in his effort to help the emperor-turned-lama, he has managed to help a whole kingdom by changing the emperor and teaching him how to act with kindness.

Pacha | Top 10 Disney Male Role Models | Brain Berries

Robin Hood

Maybe I’ve been watching too many left-tube videos, but the idea of taking from the rich and redistributing wealth more evenly amongst a population makes a lot of sense to me. So, I think that Robin Hood is a very good role model for a young boy! He’s kind, he’s friendly, he stands up for what he thinks is right, and he displays a lot of courage. He’s also smart and tactical in his pursuit of fairness, and even though he knows there are risks, he makes sure to put other people’s safety first, because he feels responsible for their well-being!