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Tom Hanks and His Wife Rita Wilson Infected With Coronavirus In Australia


As the toilet paper disappears from the stores with incredible speed, the coronavirus keeps spreading and infecting thousands of people, despite our best efforts to contain it. If you’re a human being, you can be affected. The virus doesn’t care about your social status, your millions of dollars, or how many fans or followers you have. And with that in mind, we’re getting our first infected celebrities.

Back in February, Tom Hanks went toe to toe with Brad Pitt at the Oscars ceremony, and there were zero signs of trouble, but now the actor is in some serious danger. Last night Tom Hanks posted on all of his social media pages a message that nobody expected to see.

Hanks said that he felt a little tired at first as if he had a cold and some body aches. His wife had chills that came and went, and his temperature had dropped. The married couple suspected something was wrong and decided to test for coronavirus, which ultimately turned out to be positive.

As the actor said, there are protocols that must be followed, and he and his wife Rita will be further tested, monitored, and kept in isolation. Hopefully, until they fully recover.

The legendary actor noted that he plans to keep the public informed and update information about his health regularly. Hanks also advised everyone to be extremely careful and do everything to protect themselves from the disease, which includes staying far away from people, washing your hands with soap after being outside, and following the updates about any and all further developments.

Stay safe, people, and don’t forget to feed your pets in all this chaos!