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Things You Didn’t Know About Barbie Ferreira


Since 2015, Barbie Ferreira has been known as a plus-size model that promotes body-positive ideas. 2019 was largely a turning point for Ferreira, as she started her acting career in Hollywood. All thanks to her participation in two notable projects at once: “Euphoria” and “Divorce.”

Here are some interesting facts you need to know about a promising and vibrant actress/model who is not afraid to be herself!

1. She has Brazilian roots

Barbara Ferreira was born in Queens, New York. Not the best place on earth. She later moved to Maywood, New Jersey. I can’t imagine it was any better than Queens, but hey. Did you know Barbie has Brazilian roots? Although Barbara has lived all her life in America, ethnic roots are important to her.

2. Ferreira is advocating for body-positivity

With her family supporting Barbie, she became an activist who advocates for a more positive attitude towards one’s body. In numerous interviews, she repeatedly spoke about discrimination against plus-size models and her experience of accepting her body. Barbie’s modeling career began with the publication of home-made pictures on Tumblr, then she sent her photos to American Apparel, and unexpectedly received an invitation to a casting for a new ad campaign. The rest is history. Barbie gained world fame after filming for the lingerie brand Aerie in 2016, where she appeared with zero retouchings.

3. She did not plan on being a model

Barbara admits that she became a model almost entirely by accident, but the acting career was always something she was looking forward to. She thought that the film industry would be more supportive of her figure than the modeling scene, but unfortunately, she was very wrong. Barbie was told that because of her wide hips, she looks too adult for her 16. And that’s apparently, a deal-breaker.

4. She starred in online series for two popular brands

Even after becoming quite a successful model, Barbara was not going to part with her big Hollywood dream. Her first experience was shooting two online series of popular Internet brands: Teen Vogue and VICE. In Barbie’s “Teen Vogue – Body Party” project, she talks about the different facets of her idea of ​​body-positivity. The second series, “How to behave,” is dedicated to etiquette. Barbara even received a Webby award for that show. Working on Euphoria is not Barbie’s first collaboration with HBO. Prior to this, the girl starred in two episodes of the series “Divorce” with Sarah Jessica Parker.

5. She admits that she is just like her character in Euphoria

In one of the interviews, Barbie said that she fell in love with the “Euphoria” series immediately after she read the script. Unlike her project colleague Jacob Elordi, who says that he’s completely different from his character, Barbie quickly felt some kind of connection with Kat.