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These Facts Will Change The Way You Watch Game Of Thrones


We’re all obsessed with Game of Thrones. We don’t want to get spoiled, but we secretly love whoever gives us spoilers because we interpret it as a sign of appreciation. That’s how brains work. Don’t ask me, I didn’t write the science on it. The simple fact that someone cares enough to annoy us so badly they’d want to ruin our experience is flattering to say the least.


And since I care about you all so much, I’ll give you some little tidbits that will change the way you watch GoT until the end of time. Which is probably 2020 since the last season will probably arrive in 2019. That said, it’ll be three years of your life where you’ll always remember me as the person that provided you with knowledge that allowed you to have a unique perspective on something everyone wanted to watch. Thank me later.



The Dothraki Language Is A Real Thing
Yes, there’s actually a real language that was developed for the Dothraki in the TV show. It already has a vocabulary of over 3000 words and it’s constantly growing.



It’s Going To Be A Harvard Class
Do you want to study at Harvard but are you too intellectually challenged to actually make it? Don’t worry! We’ve got a new Game of Thrones class for you that will teach you medieval history in GoT fashion.



Tyrion Never Auditioned
Peter Dinklage never had to audition for his role as Tyrion Lannister. He even recommended his good friend Lena Headey as Cersei. And let’s be honest: who would be better to play either of these characters?

The Show Gets Pirated A Lot
As is expected with a popular show like this, it gets downloaded illegally a lot. It’s actually made the top of the list for several years in a row.



You Can Buy Your Own Iron Throne
Yes, HBO is selling the Iron Throne. No, it’s not cheap. The 350 pound throne will set you back a modest $30,000.

But The Throne Has Gandalf’s Sword In It
So that’s slightly better value for that $30,000, isn’t it?



There’s A Game of Thrones Mixtape
Yes, HBO actually recorded a full rap album dedicated to GoT.

Despite There Being Only One Way To Spell It, There’s 70 Ways To Say “Hodor”
It might not be the character with the most eloquent vocabulary in the series, but Hodor sure does know how to say the same word differently! Kristian Narin has 70 different ways of saying “Hodor” depending on his mood.



Sansa’s Dress Has Hidden Messages In It
Sansa’s dresses are always deliberately designed to give messages to her enemies or allies. Her wedding gown for example shows a wolf and trout (Stark and Tully) on the belt, and a lion (Lannister) on the back.

Myrcella And Tommen Are Keeping Up With The Family Business
The Lannisters are probably most known for their Targaryen-esque affair between Cersei and Jamie. The actors playing Myrcella and Tommen have certainly learnt a lot from their TV parents. They’re dating in real life – but they’re only related in the show. I felt like I should mention that.



Maester Aemon’s Actor Has Bad Vision
Remember how Maester Aemon is blind? Well, the actor that plays him is actually partially sighted himself. Or at least, he was. He sadly passed away recently, ending his Watch.

The Walk of Shame Was A Real Thing
At one point we all felt a little bit sorry for Cersei: the walk of shame. This was a real incident that happened to the mistress of King Edward IV after his death. Way to go, Britain!



Young George Looks Exactly Like Jon Snow
This might feed into a lot of rumours that Jon Snow will turn out to be the most important character in the series, but pictures of a young George R.R. Martin show his uncanny resemblance to Kit Harington.