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These 7 Celebrities Have Some Weird Trademarks


Celebrities and trademarks are a match made in Heaven. Once you have huge amounts of money, you want to prevent other people from gaining some of that money. It’s important to protect your intellectual properties in the process. Don’t let the filthy plebs profit off what you’ve built!

Without further ado: some celebrity trademarks that are either pending or approved.



Donald Trump
Let’s just start this one out with the obvious one. It’s weird and it has to do with money, so ol’ Donald had to make the cut. Anyway, his trademark is the greatest. It’s one of the best trademarks in the business – believe me. It’s the phrase that won him the election: “Make America Great Again.”



Taylor Swift
Taylor actually trademarked “Swiftmas”, which is when Taylor Swift claims the birth of Jesus Christ as her holiday and gives her fans presents. Must be nice to feel like you’re more important than Jesus.

Beyoncé and Jay Z
These folk trademarked “Blue Ivy Carter”, which is their daughter’s name. Why? Why not! God forbid someone else tries to name their kid Blue Ivy Carter. That won’t fly sir, no it will not.

Stephen Hawking
Stephen actually trademarked his own name – but it’s only to prevent other people from using it to promote things under his name to make them seem more legit than they really are.

Anthony Davis
His trademarks are “Fear the brow” and “Raise the brow.” Because, as you can tell from the picture, he has a massive unibrow and he wears that stuff like a medal of honor.

Rachel Zoe
Rachel trademarked her catchphrase “I die”, which is ironic because to the best of my knowledge, she hasn’t died even once. But she can still trademark it.

Paris Hilton
Paris trademarked the phrase “that’s hot”, so now no one can talk about fresh coffee without having to pay Paris some money. Again, I was unaware catchphrases could be trademarked. And could be so bland.