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The Most Beautiful Middle Eastern Actresses


There’s a lot of gorgeous actresses out there, but there’s just something special about those middle eastern ones, isn’t there? They just seem to ooze a more natural kind of beauty that’s so hard to find in times of widely used plastic surgery.

And to prove that good genes are better than a good doctor, let’s take a look at some of the most gorgeous middle eastern actresses the world has to offer.

Sarah Shahi

While Sarah was born in America, she is of Iranian descent and the descendant of a 19th century Persian Shah. She’s mostly known for her roles in Life, The L Word, Chicago Fire, and plenty more popular Tv shows. Her movie career hasn’t really hit it off yet, but I’m sure she has a full enough agenda anyway.

Salma Hayek

The most famous actress on this list by a wide margin, Salma is of Lebanese/Mexican descent. She’s played in too many movies to note, but never forget her performances in Frida, From Dusk Till Dawn and Desperado.

Necar Zadegan

This NCIS: New Orleans (yes, they have one in that city too) star of Iranian descent is sure to turn some heads. She’s starred in loads of TV shows over the years of which the most popular one is probably 24, but more recently she’s also starring in The Good Doctor.

Sofia Boutella

Known mostly for her roles in movies like Kingsman and Star Trek Beyond, Sofia is of Algerian descent and was actually trained in classical dance before becoming an actress. Her career started mostly by dancing for stars like Madonna, Rihanna and Michael Jackson.

Golshifteh Farahani

This Iranian actress is starting to make her break in Hollywood. After having some roles in movies like Paterson, About Elly and even in the most recent Pirates of the Caribbean, she recently starred in the popular Extraction movie alongside Chris Hemsworth.

Alia Shawcat

With her father being of Iraqi descent, this Arrested Development star surely qualifies for this list. While she hasn’t been doing a lot of high profile shows lately, she does do voice work in Adventure Time – but her role in Arrested Development will always be the one people remember her by.

Gal Gadot

And who better to round up the list than Israel’s own Wonder Woman. We’ve not seen the last of this one yet – literally, since Wonder Woman 1984 is arriving next year – and we honestly can’t say that we mind one bit.