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The Cast Of “The Suite Life Of Zack & Cody” 18 Years Later


The dynamic brotherly duo of Cole and Dylan Sprouse kicked off their fame by sharing the spotlight in the 1999 comedy Big Daddy. Soon after, Cole made waves as Ross Geller’s son on Friends in 2000, but the real magic happened in 2005 when they both starred in Disney Channel’s The Suite Life of Zack & Cody as the posh Martin brothers. This show was an instant hit, running for three seasons.

In 2008, the twins took their fun to the high seas with The Suite Life on Deck, set on a fancy cruise ship. After its 2011 finale, the cast went their separate ways, some surprising fans with new directions in their careers.

So, let’s see what the Suite Life crew has been cooking since!

1. Charlie Stewart

Charlie Stewart, who played Bob on The Suite Life, was already a hotshot child actor before the show. He’d been in TV gigs and even hung out with Tim Allen in The Santa Clause 3. After Suite Life, he co-starred with his old pals Cole and Dylan Sprouse in The Prince and the Pauper: The Movie and then appeared in How I Met Your Mother and Bones. But in 2013, Charlie wrapped up his acting journey with The Secret Life of Dorks. Showbiz didn’t call him back, and he took a different path.

2. Sophie Oda

Sophie Oda, who played Barbara Brownstein in The Suite Life, didn’t stop there as she later popped up in TV shows like The Big Bang Theory and Hawaii Five-0. But here’s the fun part: In 2020, she put on those iconic glasses from the show in a YouTube video. Turns out, those weren’t props – they were her actual glasses! Either way, Sophie also mentioned landing her Suite Life gig through a Hannah Montana casting. As a side gig, Sophie’s turned her love for unusual clothes into a little online hustle on Depop.

3. Ashley Tisdale

Ashley, who’s been in the acting game since ’95, joined the cast of Zack & Cody as the candy-counter Maddie for a mere ten episodes. But her real fame came after Disney’s High School Musical. After that, she dove into her music career with albums like Headstrong and Symptoms. But it was just the beginning. Ashley kept the acting train rolling with voice-over projects and guest-starred in Raising Hope and Sons of Anarchy. On the personal front, she married Christopher French in 2014 and had a cute baby named Jupiter in 2021.

4. Phill Lewis

Phill Lewis didn’t hang up his acting hat after the spinoff and even brought his character, Moseby, back for a cameo on Jessie in 2015. Later he appeared in Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn, American Dad, and Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2, which definitely needed a sequel. He’s also got into directing over 60 TV episodes, including How I Met Your Father, iCarly, and One Day at a Time.

5. Brenda Song

Brenda Song was such a hit on Zack and Cody that she brought the character to other Disney Channel’s Hannah Montana. After that, she appeared in more adult roles on Scandal, Robot Chicken, New Girl, and Key & Peele. Drenda even had a short stint in Hulu’s Dollface. These days, Brenda’s in a long-term relationship with Macaulay Culkin. Yes, the very same one. They had a baby in 2021 and are currently engaged.

6. Kim Rhodes

Kim Rhodes, our Suite Life mom, Carey Martin, guest-starred in series like Colony and NCIS. But most of us remember her from the recurring roles on Supernatural and Kung Fu. She once joked about getting Cole and Dylan on Supernatural, but apparently, that plan fell through. During the 2023 SAG-AFTRA strike, Kim tweeted about actors losing residuals due to the changes in modern television, which is absolutely true.

7. Cole Sprouse

After his Cody Martin days, Cole Sprouse took a break to hit the books at NYU. He graduated in 2015 and found himself at a crossroads with acting. While in college, the actor explored other career options, briefly considering archaeology. In 2017, his old manager convinced Sprouse to give acting another shot, leading to his role as Jughead Jones in Riverdale, where he stayed until the series wrapped in 2023. On the personal front, his fling with Riverdale co-star Lili Reinhart made headlines, but it didn’t last.

8. Dylan Sprouse

Dylan Sprouse, aka Zack Martin, had his doubts about going from child star to adult actor after NYU. But he made a comeback with movies like Banana Split and Dismissed. Dylan even dabbled in video games and music videos. Plus, he co-founded his own brewing company called All-Wise Meadery to get some financial stability. While we’ll definitely see more movies featuring Dylan, he said that he’s done with TV shows. It’s just too much work for his old bones.