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The Cast of ‘Mad Men’ Then and Now


Many TV lovers became obsessed with the hit period drama series Mad Men. Set in the 1960’s advertising world, it was a wildly popular series that depicted and romanticized the fashion, personalities and workplace culture of that era. During the span of the show’s seven-season stint, the characters that we fell in love with continued to develop and become more complex. The show also dove deeper into the nuanced issues of the 60’s and how those complexities challenged the characters personally and professionally. The show eventually won both Golden Globes and Emmy awards. After such an amazing run and much success, you may be wondering where the stars of the show are now. What happened to the cast of this glitzy and riveting series? Here is a look at Mad Men stars, then and now. 

Jon Hamm

Jon Hamm played Don Draper, everyone’s favorite ad man, whose job was to create the perfect ad, and have the general public fight tooth and nail to buy the products he advertised. Many revere his portrayal as Don Draper as his breakout role. Jon Hamm since has been in several episodes of 30 Rock, and had another outstanding role as the cult leader in the Netflix original series The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. 

John Slattery

Slattery was nominated for four supporting Emmy’s for his portrayal of Roger Sterling. What many liked about his role as Slattery was the effortlessness of his personality mixed with his blinding ambition. After Mad Men, he had a pretty cool role as Iron Man’s dad in several Marvel movies as Howard Stark. He was also in Ted 2. 

Kevin Rahm

Kevin had already been pretty well seen in shows like Desperate Housewives and Judging Amy. He then played Ted Chaough on Mad Men, and was the main rival of Don Draper. He went on to have a regular role on the drama Madam Secretary and the TV series Lethal Weapon as captain Brooks Avery. 

Christina Hendricks

Christina Hendricks played Joan Harris on Mad Men. She was the red bombshell that made her presence known in every room lucky enough to have the pleasure of her company, and was the beauty and brains that had us all inspired. Her wardrobe is also worth honorable mention, and her portrayal of Joan landed her six Emmy nominations. She went on to star in NBC’s crime situational comedy Good Girls, and is still turning heads while doing so. 

Vincent Kartheiser

Pete Campbell was the role that Vincent Kartheiser played, and his character was truly one that you could only love or hate. He spent a lot of time at the coat tails of Don Draper. He went on to star in the series Proven Innocent and also guest-starred in The OA. 

January Jones

January Jones played Betty Draper, a powerhouse who was Don Draper’s wife and also battling cancer. She went on to star in sitcom The Last Man on Earth, and then on the Netflix original series Spinning Out. 

Teyonah Parris

Teyonna Parris played Dawn Chambers, Don Draper’s secretary on Mad Men. Her role and journey of her character represented the racial climate of the 1960’s, as she was the first black secretary to be hired at the firm of Sterling Cooper Draper Price. Parris has gone on to star in Empire, Dear White People and If Beale Street Could Talk. 

Elisabeth Moss

Elisabeth Moss played Peggy Olson, a secretary on Mad Men, who’s journey illustrated women who challenged the status quo to prove that they could be more than secretaries in the workplace. She went on to star in other movies and shows, most notably Hulu original series The Handmaid’s Tale.