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The Best And Worst Lily AT&T Commercials


Remember those awful commercials back in the mid-2010’s where a store clerk named Lily Adams tried to convince you to get an AT&T phone? You probably don’t, because they only aired in a very select group of countries.

Anyway, a bunch of them got made. To be specific, there were over 40 commercials of this charming woman trying to sell you your next phone. While there’s definitely been a wide range of opinions about her and her commercials, there’s no reason to deny that in the whole list of commercials that got made some were really good, and some were downright awful. Let’s take a look at some of the best and some of the worst.

The Best:

Mind Reader

It’s still a commercial so some cringe factor is to be expected, but this commercial actually does a proper job of trying to focus on Lily’s competence (which then of course reflects on AT&T as a whole). Not sure if they had to do it by turning her psychic, but whatever floats the marketing department’s boat.

A Little Love

The biggest catch about this commercial is that it came at the end of our first COVID year and it was all about being connected to each other. I guess that message of hope was exactly what people needed at that time.

The Worst:

iPhone Half Off

While it might have been a decent move to bring back Lily in 2020, they sadly also brought back most of the cringe of the really bad commercials. They turned her quirkiness up several notches, which led to a googly eyed guitar and mug. It honestly feels like you’re watching Britney Spears’ 2007 mental breakdown.


You’ve all heard of this premise, right? Gullible woman reads horoscope, goes to store, gets swindled into buying a new iPhone because she’s gullible and believes in horoscopes. That’s pretty much what this commercial is trying to tell you: if you believe salespeople, you believe horoscopes. I’m not sure that’s what they intended the message to be though.

5Gee, That’s Easy

You know what else is easy? Coming up with a better catchphrase than that. Bad commercials can be memorable, but this one just needs to get thrown in the trash. And then recycled and thrown in the trash again.