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The 8 Best Decisions Made By Marvel


Marvel has taken over the movie industry in the last few decades and have managed to establish themselves as an entertainment giant that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. The reason why they’ve become so big is because they have made smart decisions in that period.

It’s not hard to see some of the things they did that have been a huge factor in their success, but here’s a run-down so you know what’s what.

Turn The Movies Into One Universe

It hadn’t been done before, and they took a huge risk in doing it. Nobody is going to say that it wasn’t a risk worth taking after what the MCU has given us in the last decades, though.

Get Bought By Disney

I mean, that might not have been Marvel’s call to make, but the Disney Machine sure helped in delivering the budgets, the marketing and the experience as a whole.

Recast The Hulk

Marvel hasn’t been too nice to recast people when it just didn’t work out. They recast Rhodey pretty early on in the Iron Man series, and they recast the Hulk multiple times. Mark Ruffalo was an amazing addition to the roster that perfectly seemed to balance out the other main characters, so kudos to Marvel for sticking with him!

Starting off Relatively Unknown Properties as Seperate Stories

Let’s be honest: who had heard of the Guardians of the Galaxy before the classic James Gunn movie? And at the end of it, they gave the Power stone back to the Nova Corps, meaning that if the movie tanked they could’ve easily ignored the entire team.

Using Loki to His Full Extent

Using Loki as a small villain, big villain, small ally and an all-round double-crossing trickster was a stroke of genius.

Taking Their Time

Sadly this is something DC didn’t or couldn’t do. We were invested in these characters by the time that Avengers launched, while in Justice League most people were probably wondering who the hell that Cyborg guy was.

Each Hero Has Their Own Tone

An Iron Man movie is going to be a cocky action movie. Captain America deviates more into crime thriller territory. Thor is pure fantasy and Guardians of the Galaxy is space opera. Despite these people coming together, they all had their own unique tones and identities.

Excellent Casting

Dr. Strange, Star-Lord, Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Man, … All these actors seem like they were made for the roles. In fact, a Star-Lord that doesn’t look like Chris Pratt in the comics just feels *wrong* now.