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Sophie Turner’s Transformation Over The Years


We all know Sophie Turner as the talented actress who played Sansa Stark on Game of Thrones. That show was a huge career booster for her and made her a world-famous celebrity. But do you know anything about Sophie outside of her role on GOT? She’s changed so much over the years, but she’s always been talented and creative, as long as her parents can remember. So let’s take a look at how Sophie has grown and transformed over the years.

Drama Class As A Toddler

Sophie has had a very early start when it comes to acting. Her mother took her to a local drama class when she was only three. Her mom didn’t really know at the time that it would become her daughter’s career, she just wanted to have an hour to herself and enjoy a cup of coffee while the kid gets to play around in drama class.

Turned Down Ballet

Sophie was pretty good at ballet as a kid. She even got a place at the Royal Ballet School but in the end, she decided to turn it down because it conflicted with her acting class schedule. She has since joked that she is too tall and likes pasta too much to become a decent ballerina.

Playbox Youth Theater Kid

Sophie spent a lot of her time in youth theater as a kid. She has praised The Playbox as the best thing that happened to her because it was a place where you were encouraged to try different things but never forced to conform and become a specific type of actor. She says that’s the place that built her confidence which led to her auditioning for Game Of Thrones.

Joke Audition Changed Her Life

You’d think that auditioning for Game of Thrones would be a big thing but turns out Sophie never took it seriously. She just did it as a joke with her friends. The casting director was going to various schools to see the young talent and Sophie’s school happened to be one of them. She never expected to get it, she didn’t even tell her parents about it until it was the final round of auditions.

Her Family Is Very Close And Supportive

When she first got the role her mother didn’t know if it was a good idea but her dad said that they have to give her a chance to live out her dream. So when they started filming Shopie’s mom quit her job and went to Croatia with her, because that’s where they filmed the show. Sophie is also super close with her brothers and says that they keep her grounded and always give her honest feedback on her acting. It even encouraged her husband Joe Jonas to get his relationship with his siblings sorted out.

GOT Cast And Crew Are Her Family

It’s a cliche thing to say but Sophie says that everyone on the show was super close and felt like a big friendly family. It wasn’t just the cast that bonded, but everyone who was involved on set. She found her father figures, brother figures and best friends that will stay with her for life.

Fame Changed Her Life In Many Ways

While Sophie is grateful for her success, fame hasn’t exactly been a positive thing in her life. Sophie has expressed that growing up in the spotlight was challenging, she struggled with depression and body image, she became less trusting as a person and she did miss out on the university experience.

A Break Was Needed After GOT Wrapped For Good

While Sophie worked on other projects between GOT seasons, it still remained her biggest and most prominent role. She spent years playing Sansa Stark and after the show ended it felt like she lost a good friend or a family member. She was also so used to doing what she was told that she felt lost after the show ended. She took a much needed time off to get to know herself again and rediscover her passions and hobbies.

She Never Expected To Get Married and Start A Family

Sophie says she’s quite pessimistic by nature and she never really expected to marry. She dated around, she experimented, but she never expected to find one person to spend the rest of her life with. But then she met Joe Jonas and it changed her life. Sophie says he’s a very positive person so they balance each other out and she just knew right away that they’re good for each other. So they got married after just 2 years of dating and now Sophie is pregnant. While the couple isn’t making any big announcements it’s obvious that Sophie’s baby bump is growing and everyone is excited for their first baby.