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Sonic The Hedgehog Trailer Dropped And This Is What You Can Expect



Video gamers all around the world left out a sigh of relief and disappointment as the Sonic movie trailer dropped. We were expecting it to be bad, and the general consensus seems to be that it was in fact much, much worse.



Despite the trailer not being overly long or giving away too much of the actual narrative, here’s what you can expect from the movie. If you’re still brave enough to go see it in theaters, that is.



Sonic Will Look Different
In fact, the reception of Sonic’s look was so unanimously bad that the film studio immediately decided to rework his entire look. Thankfully, he’s a CGI character so the movie shouldn’t suffer any delays because of this.


Jim Carrey Might Be Decent
Jim Carrey’s parts in the trailer playing the villain Robotnik remind us of his time as Ace Ventura, which was arguably when he was at his best. Whether or not he can still keep this up for an entire movie, will need to be seen.



Odds of a Sequel Are slim
Thanks to the lukewarm reception, it’s highly unlikely that the Sonic movie will be a box office success. In modern terms, that means that it probably won’t be getting a sequel.


Tails Will Probably Be In It
But it’s safe to say that with how they’ve done Sonic, we’re not looking forward to see how they ruin Tails. It might be good, but obviously the internet isn’t being all too hopeful.



It’s Not Going To Be As Good As Detective Pikachu
In fact, people made the comparison that if Detective Pikachu would be the MCU, Sonic would be the DCU. That’s … painful. And certainly not what you want to hear if both movies are still in the trailer phase and haven’t hit theaters yet.