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Are we really not alone?


Are we really not aloneNASA has finally announced it: they have found another Earth. Well, they didn’t say it, but it sounded exactly like that. Kepler-452b is some kind of bigger and older cousin of Earth that exists in a habitable area of space. It’s also 1400 light years away from our planet so there won’t be any tours any time soon. The news itself is so huge and incredible that millions of questions popped in our minds: Are we really not alone? Is there any life? If so, do they know about us? What should we prepare for? So, in celebration of this breakthrough discovery we decided to revisit thousands of Sci-Fi movies to count down the coolest aliens we’ve ever seen in movies. Here we go:


XenomorphsThese friendly, acid-bloodied aliens will definitely give you nightmares.



PredatorsYou will have to be Arnold Schwarzenegger to survive the experience with these skilled hunters.



Arachnids“Every school kid knows – Arachnids are dangerous!” So far we get the vibe that humans don’t expect aliens to have even a tiny drop of humanity and compassion



PrawnsThese interstellar refugees don’t seem to pose any real threat and despite the differences, we learned to love one of these adorable uglies.



GrootThis living alien tree is probably the most adorable in the universe. Despite the fact that he only says “I AM GROOT” – we can easily have a decent conversation with this guy



Rocket Raccoon
Rocket RaccoonThis furry tech genius might have a few problems with anger management, but we still love him.



ThanosThe Mad Titan. Avengers are going to have a lot of problems with this space bully.



TransformersThey aren’t just robots, they are an alien race that decided to turn earth into a battlefield. Neat!



MartiansThey obviously didn’t come in peace. These guys turned out to be flat-out jerks!



SupermanHe may have grown up in Kansas and be an American, but don’t forget that he’s also an alien from Krypton…


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