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Pam & Tommy Series: All We Need to Know So Far 


There are some love stories throughout history that we simply can’t forget, and Pamela Anderson’s romance with Tommy Lee is definitely one of those. This rock ’n’ roll affair was everything the public wanted, thanks to all of the couple’s scandalous and steamy, antics. Hulu recently announced that they would be reenacting the whirlwind relationship in a new limited series titled Pam & Tommy.

On May 7, Hulu released some first-peek photos of the show that shocked audiences. This project is directed by Craig Gillespie from I, Tonya and follows the two lovebirds throughout the entirety of their relationship. Here’s all you need to know about it:

1. Who’s the cast?

Drummer Tommy Lee will be played by Sebastian Stan, while Baywatch bombshell Pamela Anderson will be played by Lily James. Anyone who has seen a sneak peek of behind-the-scenes has done a double take — the two have totally been transformed and look pretty much identical to the once-couple, letting us travel back in time through the magic of high budget film projects.

2. An epic wardrobe recreation

James’ transformation couldn’t have happened without the cosmetics and costume department, who decked the actress with perfectly feather blond hair, intense makeup, skinny brows, tight clothes, and even French tips à la Pamela. Likewise, Stan had a makeover involving a ton of tats, piercings, eye makeup, and that infamous goatee. 

3. That metallic AMA look

Lily posted an IG story that was an outfit preview. We have a feeling that Anderson’s iconic style will be playing a major role in this piece. The preview was of James in a messy curled up-do, with that a metallic cowl style top that we’re almost sure is of Anderson at the 2002 AMAs. We can’t wait to see all the incredible wardrobe recreations from the 90s and early 2000s.

4. Any cool cameos?

Seth Rogen is both executive producer and actor in this show. He plays the man that stole Lee and Anderson’s sex tape, and his outfits are… a little less fabulous than Pam and Tommy. In a social media post, he’s wearing high wasted denim shorts, a mullet, and a long sleeved polo shirt. The final touch? Knee-high socks. 

5.  What does Pamela Anderson think of it?

Pamela Anderson isn’t exactly down with the show, and her friend Courtney Love wasn’t afraid to speak her mind when it came to what she thought of the show. In a Facebook post that has since been deleted, she called the series “outrageous“ and said it inflicted a “complex trauma” on Anderson. Love also brought up the moment when the sex tape was stolen, calling it a “disgusting” event that destroyed her friend’s life. According to sources, The Sun claims Pamela has also said she thinks the show is a “cheap knockoff” and she’s “never heard of the actors playing her or Tommy”.

7. What’s it about?

We already mentioned that it would chronicle the relationship between Lee and Anderson, but it does touch on some sensitive subject matter, including the leak of that infamous sex tape from their honeymoon. The tape was pre-Kim and Ray J, and the show will depict the story behind our world’s first major viral sex tape.  It’ll also include all the couple’s bombshells, including their quickie wedding and birth of their kids, Brandon and Dylan. It also will include Tommy’s half-year long sentence in prison after the couple had a violent confrontation. 

8. When is it coming out?

Hulu will be releasing the show, and it’s set to air on Disney+ in the United Kingdom sometimes in the next year. No official release date has been announced, nor has a trailer.  However, you can check the network and actors’ social media accounts for previews, sneak peeks, and more info.

9. How many episodes will it be?

The season is set to be eight episodes long, which is actually pretty substation for a limited series. It is currently filming right now, so fans might have to wait a little longer, even though everyone is on the edge of their seat waiting for that first episode to premiere. 

We know that binging this series is going to feel like a time-travel journey back to a serious blast from the past. For those who are feeling nostalgic for the era of trashy red carpet looks and pre-social media drama, checking out this show is a must.