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Movies That Got Sued For Crazy Reasons


We all love to watch movies. There’s an audience for pretty much every story you’re willing to tell out there, and if you just look at the box office numbers some of these blockbusters are making, you’ll see that movies have become one of our biggest sources of entertainment. Sadly, some people hate entertainment. Some people think of crazy reasons to sue movies – or more specifically: the people behind those movies.


Let’s take a look at some movies that got sued for reasons that will make you lose all faith in humanity.



A man sued James Cameron because he apparently stole his idea for Titanic from this man’s family. His family had a woman that survived the shipwreck and her husband that died. He’s only demanding the reasonable fee of 300 million dollars plus one percent of the movie royalties.



The Dark Knight
Despite Batman already being a famous superhero for an odd 80 years, the Turkish city of Batman recently discovered that there’s a superhero named after their city, and they sued Nolan and Warner Brothers for using the name of their city without consent. I should mention, of the two parties involved in this argument, DC Comics is the one that actually *did* trademark the Batman name.

Suicide Squad
An unnamed UK Reddit user was so disappointed in Suicide Squad for not having enough scenes of Jared Leto’s Joker, threatened to take Warner Brothers to court for false advertising. The Reddit user also reported being laughed at by theater employees for wanting his money back. No one has quite struggled like Reddit Guy has.

Harry Potter And The Goblet of Fire
This movie had a band called the “Weird Sisters” in it. Warner Brothers, doing its research as you do, offered a band called the Wyrd Sisters a hefty fee to be allowed to use their name. They declined and decided to sue for a lot more money. The judge disagreed with them, naturally, and made the band pay money to Warner Brothers.



The Matrix
This has been something that’s circulated the internet for a long time. A woman claimed that The Matrix (and James Cameron’s Terminator, for good measure) was based on a patented movie script she wrote called “The Third Eye”. Despite the woman claiming she actually won the case, no court record shows that she did – quite the contrary. The judges ruled she couldn’t prove any striking similarities.

Drive was sued by a Michigan woman for, well, not being like the Fast and the Furious series. And to make it worse, she added that the movie promoted violence against Jewish people. The only demand of her lawsuit? Getting her ticket money back – which the theater did.

The Hangover Part II
Perhaps the most understandable and predictable lawsuit in this list: the artist responsible for Mike Tyson’s face tattoo sued the makers of The Hangover 2 for putting the tattoo on Ed Helm’s face without his express permission.

Yes, some people even hate Frozen. A woman sued this movie because it was apparently based on her life, citing 18 similarities between her life and the movie. I should mention that the similarities were as flimsy as “I did a thing with a sister of mine too”. Sounds like she should … let it go.