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Movie Roles Nobody Wanted


It sounds too ridiculous to be true that even the glamorous world of Hollywood has movie parts that people don’t want to play. Every actor or actress’ dream is to one day have a leading part in a big Hollywood production, yet it appears some roles would be better considered as “nightmares” instead.


Let’s take a look at some iconic and well-known movie roles that people weren’t exactly lining up for.



Clarice Starling – Silence Of The Lambs
Jodie Foster only got this role because Michelle Pfeiffer and Meg Ryan rejected it before her. They both refused for the same reason: they found the movie very disturbing.

Michael Corleone – The Godfather
Before Al Pacino was cast, Jack Nicholson and Martin Sheen were asked. Jack Nicholson declined because – and this is a quote – he believed “Italians should play Italians”.

Noah Calhoun – The Notebook
Let’s be honest: no one wants to play the guy that falls in love with a girl only to… stay in love with that girl? I mean, what’s this character’s evolution in the movie anyway. He just keeps loving her. While that might sound romantic, it’s very boring artistically speaking.

Bella Swan – Twilight
This role was turned down by many actresses because of reasons ranging from “I don’t care” to “I think this script is awful”. Both are valid reasons to not be associated with this project in any way, shape or form.

The Main Characters In Fifty Shades of Grey
Let’s be honest here: would *you* play in that movie? I mean, the book is bad, but it’s an artistic masterpiece compared to the movies.

Aragorn – The Lord of The Rings
The first people on Peter Jackson’s list were Nicholas Cage, Daniel Day Lewis and Russell Crowe. They all didn’t want the part for different reasons, which led to Viggo Mortensen getting to play Aragorn.