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Movie Outfits That Are Super Recognizable To This Day


Movies are the result of a collaboration between many talented people, but most people only praise actors for playing the part well and the directors get praised for everything else. But in reality, there are so many other departments and teams of people who worked hard to make your favourite movies. The lighting creates an atmosphere and can make actors look their best, the set design transports you to a whole different world and the costume department is in charge of making those awesome and super recognizable outfits that the actors wear in the movie and we later get inspired by. So let’s take a look and some movie outfits that are still super recognizable to this day.

1. Ghostbusters – Utility Suits

There’s a reason that movie is a classic at this point. It’s funny, it’s weird and it’s got an unmistakable and very memorable logo. It’s still a popular design on t-shirts and hoodies. But the ghostbuster suits are such a phenomenon, that now, even when someone wears a utility suit as a fashion choice, you can’t help but get some ghostbusters vibes.

2. Kill Bill – Yellow Suit

That yellow suit with a black stripe that Uma Thurman wears in the famous Tarantino movie was actually inspired by a similar yellow suit Bruce Lee wore in his last movie. But since Bruce Lee’s movie was less popular, people always think of the yellow suit as a Kill Bill classic.

3. Saturday Night Fever – White Suit

That iconic white suit that John Travolta wore in Saturday Night Fever is not only quintessential 70’s but it’s become a symbol of a whole era. It’s unmistakable, especially when worn with a black shirt with a big collar – you just know it’s Saturday Night Fever.

4. Streetcar Named Desire – White Top

It’s hardly a costume, but it’s memorable and recognizable to this day. Who knew you could make a white top iconic? But hey, that’s just what movies do. Now whenever you see one or even wear one, you probably get an uncontrollable urge to yell “Stella!!!”.

5. The Seven Year Itch – White Dress

Even if you haven’t seen the movie, you definitely have seen a picture of Marilyn Monroe in the famous white dress that’s being blown up by wind. That dress, believe it or not, is still very popular because it highlights a woman’s silhouette and lots of people will wear similar dresses now. But we all think of it as the Marilyn dress, am I right?

6. The Joker – Purple Suit

Heath Ledger’s performance in the movie is incredible and definitely deserves a lot of praise, but his costume is also very memorable. There have been other Joker costumes created since, but none of them is as memorable as the purple one Heath wore in the movie. There’s just something about the purple suit and green shirt combo that’s crazy enough to look cool and be super memorable and recognizable.

7. The Blues Brothers – Suit, Glasses, Hats

It’s very interesting that when the movie came out, the suits the Blues Brothers wore in the movie were not in fashion, they were considered old fashioned, not trendy and generally outdated. But add a pair of cool sunglasses, a hat, and a cult movie following and you get a look that’s the epitome of coolness and remains recognizable for decades.

8. Clockwork Orange – All White, Hats, Suspenders

It’s a very unique and intentional look that’s impossible to miss. And the fun thing about it is that you don’t really have to buy a special costume to imitate it, you can buy each of these items in a normal store, but the look you get is absolutely unique and people will immediately recognize it.